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Oct 09, 2020
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Unnamed Hizbullah Operations Officer Threatens Israel: We Will Use Missiles And Legions Of Fighters Who Will Storm The Enemy's Barracks And Settlements

#8363 | 00:53
Source: The Internet - "almanar.com"

On October 9, 2020, almanar.com published an episode of a documentary series called "The Secrets of the Second Liberation." An unnamed Hizbullah operations officer whose face was blurred said in an interview that the next phase of the "resistance" will have two "blades." He elaborated that this would consist of Hizbullah's missiles, and of legions of fighters who will storm the enemy’s barracks and settlements.

Hizbullah officer: "[While fighting in Syria,] our slogan was: '[The tomb] of Zaynab will not be captured again.' In the next phase, our pledge will be to enter the Emir of the Believers, and our slogan will be: 'The gates of Khaybar will be smashed again, and Marhab [the Jew] will be killed again.' The sword of the resistance will have a double blade – the first blade will be made of fire from Toophan and Burkan missiles, and the second blade will consist of legions of resistance fighters, who will storm the enemy barracks, hideouts, and settlements. They will definitely see our faces from up close, because we do not fight from afar."

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