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Jan 26, 2010
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TV Campaign Targets Population Explosion in Egypt

#2384 | 01:28
Source: Egyptian TV

The following is an Egyptian public service broadcast, which aired on Egyptian TV on January 26, 2010.

Mother: Aren't you ready?

Bride: I don't want him, mother. How can I marry someone who is already married and has two children?

Uncle Said: Where is the bridegroom?

Bridegroom: I am the bridegroom.

Uncle Said: Are you sure that you are the bridegroom?

Bridegroom: Yes, it's me. But you are not the ma'zoun [who registers the marriage]. You're uncle Said, dressed as the ma'zoun. You came here to destroy my wedding.

Uncle Said: If you're such a man, if you're such a stud, why do you need to marry another wife?

Bridegroom: For children, uncle.

Uncle Said: What, Samah and Khaled are not your children, Wahdan?

Bridegroom: They have already grown, and besides, I have only two children. I thought this was an opportunity to marry someone young, who will give me more children.

Uncle Said: Having more children is an opportunity? No, Wahdan. How can I make him understand? Come, bring the juice over here. Okay, you can go.

If I divide this juice into two glasses, it's not the same as if I divide the juice into six glasses. It is the same with children. If you have two children, you can make sure they are healthy, fill their heads with knowledge, and secure their future. Good lineage is not determined by number, but by the way you take care of the future of your girl and boy.

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