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Sep 28, 2007
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Turkish Thinker Adnan Oktar Tells about His Struggle against the Freemasons

#1643 | 03:58
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Turkish scholar Adnan Oktar a.k.a. Harun Yahya, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on September 28, 2007.

MEMRITV Comment from May 2013: Al-Jazeera TV aired the interview with Arabic voice over that made it impossible to hear Oktar's Turkish speech. MEMRITV translated the excerpts from Al-Jazeera's Arabic voice over. Recently, a representative for Adnan Oktar has contacted MEMRI, saying Al-Jazeera TV mistranslated Oktar's comment on Zionism during the interview. A video of the interview without Al-Jazeera's voice over was included. MEMRI reviewed the Turkish version and some minor discrepancies were found. Oktar's original comment on Zionism should be read as follows:

The same (is true) with Zionism. If there is an ideology that aims to rule the world, that rejects other religions, that claims the rule of a single religion and rejects other people, of course I will fight against that. But if somebody does not espouse such claims, I will have nothing to say (against him). They are a people of the Book, the Jews. If they want to practice their own religion, if they want to live in their own country, they can do that and live the way they want. I respect that. But, if they say, “This is not enough for me. I am going to rule the entire whole world, will destroy all other religions, and only my religion will survive”, that I will not accept, of course.

Interviewer: You say that Darwin is responsible for global terrorism.

Oktar: Yes, Darwin says that life is the struggle between the strong and the weak. In other words, the strong annihilate the weak. There is a belief that the only way to survive is by strength. The idea is reflected in Social Darwinism, which believes that whoever is more powerful militarily, politically, and in terms of technology will be superior to the weak and the oppressed, and will rule and annihilate them. This idea dominated the ideology of Hitler and Mussolini.


Interviewer: You claim that Christ will return and adopt the values of Islam. Will he return as a Christian, or will he become a Muslim?

Oktar: There are hadiths indicating that [Christ] memorized the Koran, and that he would recite the Koran by heart. Christ will, of course, be Muslim. He will return as a Muslim. It is said that he will break the cross and kill the pigs. He will abide by what Islam permits and prohibits. He will pray behind the Mahdi and then, Islam will rule the entire world.


The idea of Freemasonry emerged from Darwinism, and it is based on atheism. I am against Freemasonry, just like I am against Marxism and Fascism.


The same goes for Zionism. I must oppose any ideology that strives to rule the entire world, rejects the other religions, and claims that one religion must rule and reject others. I am not against anyone else. The followers of Moses belong to the People of the Book. If they want to uphold their religious rites in their countries, they are free to do so. They can live the way they want. I respect that. But when someone says this is not enough, and he intends to rule the entire world, and to destroy the other religions, so that his religion will prevail alone – obviously, I cannot accept this.


Interviewer: It has been claimed that your imprisonment here, in Turkey...You, at least, have claimed that your imprisonment and the allegations against you about drug use and sex with minors are part of the counter-attack against you by the Freemasons and, perhaps, the Zionists. Do you have any evidence of this?

Oktar: I was found to be innocent on all these allegations, but I still face such accusations. For example, I was arrested for the alleged use of cocaine. When I was in custody, I was served kebab, and I ate it out of respect. That's how the cocaine – which was mixed in the kebab – got into my body. This served as the basis of the allegations against me.


Oktar: The Freemasons are a global organization. Their base of power is in England and France. They have a large organization in America, and branches in Russia, and all the countries of the world, including India. They usually hold important positions in the state. They can be seen as judges in courts or as security chiefs. They may hold posts in all governmental departments. When they need something done, they use their members to do it.

Interviewer: But how do you know it was them and not other people?

Oktar: They told me that they would get me out of the mental asylum, if I refrained from printing new copies of my book about the Freemasons.

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