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Nov 22, 2020
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Turkish Journalist Hamza Tekin: Murder Of French Teacher Paty Was Carried Out By Macron Militia In Order To Justify Escalation Of Attacks Against Islam And Muslims

#8483 | 02:17
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Turkish journalist Hamza Tekin said in a November 22, 2020 interview on Channel 9 (Turkey) that the beheading of French schoolteacher Samuel Paty was actually carried out by French President Emmanuel Macron, with "his gang, and his shabiha (militia)" or by an intelligence agency in order to justify escalation of attacks against Islam and Muslims. He said that this is the same "militia mentality" held by Arab rulers, who he said adopted this mentality from French and British colonialism. For more about Hamza Tekin, see MEMRI TV clips No. 8281, 8166, and 7662.

Interviewer: "Macron is justifying his slandering of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad by saying that a French citizen was killed by a Chechen Muslim, and that in response, he has permitted the [public display] of the cartoons, [saying:] 'You are in my home, you killed a French citizen, and it is my right to [let] everyone react as they wish.' Is this really an issue of freedom of speech, as they say, or are there other intentions?"

Hamza Tekin: "First of all, who said that this criminal act was committed by a Muslim, as the French authorities claim? Why is this narrative accepted as if it were entirely true? Why shouldn't we say that it was an attack that was carried out by Macron, his gang, and his shabiha [militia], as a pretext to..."

Interviewer: "This reminds me of Arab mentality."

Tekin: "Right... By the way, who are the masters of this Arab militia mentally? Isn't it Macron and the [Arab rulers] he has brought to power, and the French and British mandates? Weren't they the ones responsible for sowing this mentality? So it is the same mentality over there.

"Why shouldn't we say that Macron fabricated this incident, in order to dominate the scene with this racism and this animosity toward Islam and Muslims? A head was chopped off. Naturally, we are against this incident. Fine, but how many millions of Muslim heads has France chopped off throughout history? The skulls are there.

"I am not justifying [Paty's beheading], but as Erdogan said: 'Look in the mirror before you criticize others!' So this was a false flag operation that Macron is exploiting in order to escalate his attacks against Islam and Muslims. So this has nothing to do with revenge. It was not perpetrated by a Muslim, it is not 'Islamic Terrorism,' and so on."

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