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Apr 03, 2024
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Former Palestinian Ambassador Osama Al-Ali Slams Hamas, Iran: Iran Incites Our Own People Against Us; The Palestinian Authority Should Not Fear Al-Jazeera TV And Crackdown On Hamas In The West Bank

#11054 | 02:26
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Former Palestinian Ambassador to India Osama Al-Ali slammed Hamas in an April 3, 2024 show on Al-Arabiya Network [Saudi Arabia], saying that it is using children as human shields in Gaza. He said that Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh is a "lunatic," and suggested that the Palestinian Authority "put an end" to the violence of Hamas in the West Bank. Al-Ali was also critical of Iran, saying that it incites the Palestinians against the PA and pours its money into the "lawless idiots in the Arab nation" in order to create armed factions.

Osama Al-Ali: "Iran has played with the Palestinian cause. Why is Iran fighting the PLO? Why has it fought us and accused us of treason because of the Oslo Accords? What is it to Iran? We are the landlords here, this is our country. Whether we sight the Oslo Accords or not – What is it to Iran? They curse us and accuse us of treason, and incite our own Palestinian people against us, under the command of Hamas, using their petrodollars. From where does Iran draw its power and influence? From the money it pours on the marginalized lawless idiots of the Arab nation. It has turned them into factions and armies.


"Does anyone in Gaza praise Iran Hamas, who are supposedly defending Gaza? The people of Gaza curse Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, and Iran, and if they ever catch them in Gaza, they will drag them through the streets. They hide in tunnels under [residential] buildings. The tunnels are under the buildings. What would the rivals do to hit the tunnels? Hit the buildings. The Al-Qassam Brigades are using children as shields. Children were killed, because [Hamas] was living under the buildings. They say: These are tunnels like in Vietnam. I was in Vietnam. The tunnels there were in jungles.


"They are not waging resistance from Tulkarem and Jenin. They are destroying Tulkarem and Jenin. Their guns do not liberate anything.


"I wish the Palestinian Authority put an end to this. Anywhere in the world – if someone in America shoots at a police station, how do the Americans react? They kill him on the spot. Why aren’t we doing the same? Why is it not allowed? Anyone shooting at a police station gets killed – in Europe, America, Germany, throughout the world. This is international law. But here, no. It’s not allowed. We are too afraid of Al-Jazeera TV.


"Haniyeh has begun to hallucinate. He has the audacity to call on the people to rise against their governments, and to increase the pressure on those governments – after he came form Iran. He is a lunatic. Everything that is happening in Gaza is the work of lunatics."

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