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Feb 06, 2020
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Turkish Imam Muhammed Hoca: I Am Raising My Son to Be a High-Quality, Fantastic Enemy of the Jews and the Christians

#7826 | 03:28
Source: Online Platforms

Turkish Imam Muhammed Korkmaz Hoca, also known as Niğdeli Muhammed Hoca, in a video uploaded to the Internet on January 6, 2020, said that he is raising his son to be a “high-quality” and fantastic enemy of the Jews and the Christians.
The video has the logo of the "500 Evler Love Association," which, according to the group's Facebook page, is based in Istanbul. 500 Evler is an avenue in the Gaziosmanpaşa district of Istanbul. A YouTube channel bearing the group's name also features lectures from various imams, as does the group's Facebook page.


Muhammed Korkmaz: The other day, somebody said to me: “There are some good Jews.” [I said:] “No, there are not.” He said: “Yes, there are.” [I responded:] “No, there aren’t!” Why not? Because Allah himself said there aren’t any. So how can I say that there are good [Jews]?


One day, I was waiting at the airport. We have a son, and he was five or six years old at the time.


Men with yarmulkes came.


They were fat. They sat across from us. Our son was running around, and they were laughing and making gestures like this. One of them took out 20 [Turkish lira] and gave it to our son. I said: ”Son, come here. I’m going to tell you something. If you go over there, tear up that money, and throw it at their feet, then I will give you 50 lira.”


He went over to them, tore up the money, threw it at their feet, and ran back to me. I showed them as I gave him 50 lira and I did this. I called my son. [I said:] “You see these dishonorable people? You know those children we see in Palestine who are killed, slaughtered, and raped?” [He said:] “Yes?” ”These dishonorable people are the ones who kill them. Here they give you money to make themselves seem sympathetic, but if they have the opportunity, they will kill you, too. Beware! Do not love them.” I am raising my son to be a very good, high-quality enemy of the Jews.

Crowd: Praise be to Allah.

Muhammed Korkmaz: I swear by Allah, brother. [He will be] a fantastic enemy of the Jews, and a fantastic enemy of the Christians. [Some say:] “A Muslim cannot raise an enemy.” Well, I am raising one, man! Is my brain not my own? I am their enemy. May the curse of Allah be upon them. When they are slaughtering children in Palestine, when they are raping, killing, slaughtering a million people in Iraq, when they are committing big massacres in Afghanistan, and when America and Israel are the biggest perpetrators of genocide, if I make my child love Jews and Christians, Allah will not say that I am good! Allah will not say this to me. Allah says: “Do not incline toward them.” He says: “Do not resemble them.” [The Quran says:] “The Jews and the Christians will never approve of you until you follow their religion!”


This is not Muhammad saying this. Allah is saying this! Do not resemble them, do not incline toward them! Allah says: Throw away their praise, their customs, their practices, and their traditions like a rag! Oh Muslims, did we not come into this condition because we resemble them? Our daughters have come to the point of walking in the streets completely naked. In the name of what? In the name of fashion.


They display their bodies in a way that does not please Allah or His Messenger. Was it not [the Jews] who propagated this? They did! And now am I going to have [my son] take 20 lira [from them]? Tear it up and throw it away! We do not need their money or their love. May Allah grant us hatred of them!

Crowd: Amen.

Muhammed Korkmaz: We cannot love them. We love Muslims, for Allah says that only the believers are friends of one another. Allah says that only the believers are brothers of one another. Allah does not say that the Jews and Christians are our brothers. Why would I love them?

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