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Sep 18, 2023
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Tunisian President Kais Saied: The Storm In Libya Is Named After The Hebrew Prophet Daniel Because Of Zionist Infiltration That Has Left People In An Intellectual Coma

#10482 | 02:14
Source: Online Platforms - "LCVParis TV on YouTube"

Tunisian President Kais Saied said in a meeting with the Tunisian PM, Minister of Justice, and Minister of the Interior that was posted to the LCVParis TV channel on YouTube on September 19, 2023 that the EU must stop intervening in Tunisia's affairs and must stop sending delegations to "inspect" Tunisia as if it is a colonial or mandatory territory. He also said that the recent storm in Libya is named after the Hebrew prophet Daniel because of infiltration on the part of the Zionist movement, which he said has dealt intellectual blows that have left people in an "intellectual coma."

President Kais Saied: "[The EU] must stop intervening in our affairs. We have not intervened in their affairs. They should also stop sending delegations to inspect us, as was declared, as if we are under their colonialism and mandate. We can also send delegations to conduct similar [inspections] in all those countries that come here as if they are the master and we are the slaves, or as if we are still under colonialism.


"After all that, they talk about the tragedy of our brothers, the Libyans, and about the storm in Libya. How come nobody asked why the storm was named 'Daniel'? They chose the name Daniel."

Minister: "Who's he?"

Saied: "He was a Hebrew prophet. The people who get to choose the names decided to call this storm 'Daniel' and so, they keep repeating this name. Has anyone asked why it was called 'Daniel'? This is another issue. It is because the Zionist movement has infiltrated there, and their minds received blows that left them in a complete intellectual coma. From Abraham to Daniel... It is all very clear."

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