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Dec 31, 2004
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Tsunami Reactions (1) - Palestinian Friday Sermon by Sheik Mudeiris:Tsunami Allah's Revenge at Bangkok Corruption

#451 | 02:37
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon on Palestinian Authority TV by Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris:

Mudeiris: What happened there, in South-East Asia… We ask God to have mercy upon all the martyrs - for he who dies by drowning is a martyr. We ask God to have mercy upon all the Muslims who died there. Allah willing, they are martyrs. But, don't you think that the wrath of the earth and the wrath of the sea – should make us reflect? Tens of thousands dead, and many predict that the number will be in the hundreds of thousands. We ask God for forgiveness. When oppression and corruption increase, the law of equilibrium applies. I can see in your eyes that you are wondering what the "universal law of equilibrium" is. This law is a divine law. If people are remiss in implementing God's law and in being zealous and vengeful for His sake, Allah sets his soldiers in action to take revenge.

The oppression and corruption caused by America and the Jews have increased. Have you heard of these beaches that are called "tourists' paradise"? You have all probably heard of Bangkok. We read about it, and knew it as the center of corruption on the face of this earth. Over there, there are Zionist and American investments. Over there they bring Muslims and others to prostitution. Over there, there are beaches, which they dubbed "tourists' paradise", while only a few meters away, the locals live in hell on earth. They cannot make ends meet, while a few meters away there is a paradise, "tourists' paradise."

Do you want the earth to turn a blind eye to the corrupt oppressors? Do you want the sea… Do you want the sea to lower its waves in the face of corruption that it sees with its own eyes?! No, the zero hour has come.

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