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Mar 12, 2024
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Trinidad And Tobago Islamic Scholar Imran Hosein In Interview With Dagestani Activist In Moscow: Russia Understands That October 7 Was A False Flag Operation Planned By The Israeli Mossad, Just Like 9/11

#10985 | 02:44
Source: Online Platforms - "Imran Hosein on YouTube"

Imran Hosein, an Islamic scholar from Trinidad and Tobago said in an interview with Dagestani activist Ruslan Kurbanov in Moscow that October 7 was "9/11 all over again." He claimed that both were "false flag" operations planned by the Israeli Mossad. Hosein explained that Israel allowed the October 7 Hamas attack to take place in order to remove the Palestinians from Gaza and as a pretext to attack Iran's nuclear installations. Hosein said that the Russians were able to "understand all these things" and are now on the side of the Palestinians.

Imran Hosein: "All these years I kept silent and never spoke about Russia's foreign policy with Israel, but once the Islamic Resistance (Hamas) launched that war… They did it for the primary purpose of sabotaging Saudi Arabia's efforts to recognize Israel with a deal.


"This was 9/11 all over again."

Interviewer: "The second…"

Hosein: "False flag… They allowed 9/11 to take place, they did more than that. They are the ones who planned 9/11. The Israeli Mossad was in the heart of 9/11. They did 9/11 in order to pursue an agenda, so Israel allowed the [October 7] attack to take place in order to get a chance and opportunity to pursue an agenda. The first item on the agenda was to throw the Palestinians out of Gaza. Number two, the plan was to force the hand of Hizbullah to join the war. If Hizbullah were to join the war, the road would be open to Tehran…"

Interviewer: "Yes, exactly."

Hosein: "And Israel could then attack Iran with the support of NATO, and attempt to demolish or at least damage the nuclear science installations in Iran – if not destroying, at least delaying the possibility of Iran becoming a nuclear power. Russia has been able to understand all these things. So Russia is now on the side of the Palestinians."

Interviewer: "Yes."

Hosein: "Israel is facing the pressure and Israel is protesting against Russia. But Russia is the most powerful military force in the world today."

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