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Feb 27, 2023
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Syrian Tribal Leader Mudhar Al-Asaad Criticizes Arab League Delegation's Visit To Syria: The Assad Regime Is A Puppet Of Iran, Which Seeks To Enslave Arabs Everywhere

#10161 | 03:22
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

On February 27, 2023, the Arabic-language Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Channel 9 (Turkey) aired an interview with Mudhar Al-Asaad, the General Coordinator of the Higher Council of Syrian Tribes, on the backdrop of a visit by an Arab Parliament delegation to the areas in Syria affected by the February 6, 2023 earthquake. Al-Asaad said that the areas affected by the earthquake had already been destroyed by the Syrian regime in cooperation with Iran-backed militias, the Russian air force, ISIS, and the PYD and SDF militias. He said that the Syrian regime supports the Houthis in Yemen in their fight against Arab countries in the Gulf, that it has more Palestinian and Lebanese blood on its hands than Israel does, and that it has flooded Jordan with drugs and weapons, and he asserted that if the Syrian regime rejoins the Arab League, this would spell an Iranian foothold in the organization. He elaborated that Iran is an "imminent danger to the Arab world", adding: "If Iran wins in Syria, it will turn the Arabs everywhere into slaves." He also called for the implementation of UNSC Resolutions 2254 and 2118.

Mudhar Al-Asaad: "The Arab countries have made a big mistake by [sending an Arab Parliament delegation] to visit the Assad regime, as part of the earthquake relief support for Syria. The earthquake struck the northern and northwestern areas of Syria. These areas are not under the control of the Assad regime. In fact, the Assad regime has destroyed this area using missiles, aerial bombardments, tanks, and artillery. In addition, the regime has sent car bombs, explosive devices, and mercenaries there, in cooperation with the Iranian militias, the Russian Air Force, the ISIS militias, and the terrorist PYD and SDF militias. Therefore, we address all the nations of the world: The Assad regime will not have legitimacy from the Syrian people under any circumstances. These countries should implement UNSC Resolutions 2254 and 2118, as well as the decisions of the Geneva 1 conference.


"Today, the Assad regime stands with the militias and gangs of the Houthis in Yemen, in order to create chaos and problems in Yemen and the Arabian Gulf. It also participated in the drone bombing of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and sent mercenaries to Yemen to fight with the Houthis against the Arab Gulf states.


"The Assad regime has killed more Palestinians than Israel has. In addition, it has killed thousands of Lebanese — more than Israel has. It has recently sent drones armed with bombs to attack Jordan. We should note that every day, the Assad regime moves weapons to the Jordanian border, and sends drugs into Jordan. In addition, the Assad regime has brought mercenaries from the Iranian militias and deployed them near the Jordanian border. Therefore, we say to the Arab world that the Assad regime is the real snake facing the Arab world. A return of the Assad regime to the Arab League would mean that Iran would penetrate the Arab League. We used to say that it was Israel who interfered in all the Arab regimes, but today we notice that Iran has replaced it.

"Today, Iran is puppeteering more than half of the Arab countries. Therefore, Iran is the most serious and imminent danger. If Iran wins in Syria, it will turn the Arabs everywhere into slaves."


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