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Feb 15, 2017
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Syrian Revolution Command Council Spokesman: The Ceasefire an "Illusion", We Must Rekindle the Fighting

#5930 | 02:00
Source: Halab Today (Syrian Opposition)

Dr. Abdelmoneim Zeineddine, spokesman and coordinator of the Syrian Revolution Command Council, said that "on the ground, there is no ceasefire" and that "all this is an illusion and a fantasy." Zeineddine, speaking on Halab Today TV on February 15, said that he foresaw "further escalation" and that "it is the duty of the revolution to rekindle the fighting on the fronts, because this is the only language that the enemy understands."

Dr. Abdelmoneim Zeineddine: "When we talk about an agreement (with the regime), we are referring to a ceasefire, with preconditions, such as the release of the prisoners, the lifting of the siege..."

Interviewer: "Bringing in aid..."

Dr. Abdelmoneim Zeineddine: "Including the cessation of bombardments. This was not translated into facts on the ground, so this is all an illusion and a fantasy. There is talk about whether some countries like the agreement or not, but what matters to us is what's happening on the ground. On the ground, there is no ceasefire."

Interviewer: "Where are things heading?"

Dr. Abdelmoneim Zeineddine: "The only development is toward further escalation between the revolution and the enemy, the criminal regime, which cannot accept the idea that (Assad) has to resign, and let the people be.


"Who rejects a political solution? Everybody supports it, so long as it maintains the principles of a revolution, and saves the people further bloodshed. We want to protect our men's lives and to protect our land from destruction, and so we welcome (a political solution), but the other side is proposing solutions and conferences in order to buy time, and have another opportunity to continue the killing. So it is the duty of the revolution to rekindle the fighting on the fronts, because this is the only language that the enemy understands.


"I have been convinced for a long time that this regime, this gang, is not viable. Even the countries that support it today are aware of this, but they have not found any alternative, and they don't want to get rid of it until they have completed their occupation endeavors.


"This gang understands nothing but glorifying the oppressors, and maintaining their grip on security. It is essential to get rid of it, whatever the alternative... We won't be happy with just any alternative, but no alternative can be worse than the present (regime)."

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