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Dec 06, 2016
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Syrian MP Fares Shehabi: Let Militants Evacuated from Aleppo Make It to Europe, So Europeans Realize What We Are Dealing with

#5798 | 01:27
Source: Syrian TV

Syrian MP Fares Shehabi discussed the evacuation from Aleppo in a December 7 interview with Syria TV. “We are happy” that they got on the buses, MP Shehabi said, “let them go to Idlib and from there to Europe” so that the European politicians “who sent them here” will see what we are dealing with.


Interviewer: Yesterday, I was at Maysalun Square when the militants got on the buses. They had surrendered and have succumbed to the reality. The thing that was most conspicuous – and I want to say this to the viewers because I saw it with my own two eyes – was that as the militants were getting onto the bus, they were chanting: 'Allah, Syria, Bashar, and that's it!' What is your view on that?"


Fares Shehabi: Hypocrites! Those people are hypocrites. The slogan 'death before humiliation' has turned, for all intents and purposes, into 'the banana and not the pea.' [They will say] anything so that nobody will touch them. Those people are prepared to become Communists today, Muslim Brotherhood members tomorrow, Wahhabis the next day, and atheists after that. They go with whoever pays them the most. That is what that group is like, I'm sad to say. We would like to get rid of them. As long as they get on the buses and go to Idlib, we are happy. Let them go to Idlib and from there to Europe. Let the Europeans..."


Interviewer: "Let's give them a taste of what we are living."


Fares Shehabi: "The European politicians who sent them here, and who are now defending them, protecting them, and reorganizing their ranks... Let those [militants] go over there, become their neighbors, and settle in their cities, so that the [Europeans] will realize what we are dealing with."



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