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Dec 07, 2004
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Syrian Cleric Hussam Al-Din Farfour: It Wasn't Us Who Killed 150-160 Million Indians and 100 Million Negroes

#402 | 03:02
Source: Syrian TV

The following are excerpts from an interview with Syrian cleric, Hussam Al-Din Farfour:

Sheik Hussam Al-Din Al-Farfour: Even if the superpowers have intercontinental missiles and devastating bombs, and so on and so forth, we have more powerful things: we have our culture. We have our Koran, we have our Prophet's Sunna. We have compassion. We have morals. We have justice - justice in itself is enough. The world has known justice only under Muslim rule.

The day the [Crusaders] entered Jerusalem, they killed 70,000 people, the moment they entered. Western historians say– not us – that the atrocities committed by some of those Europeans, who called themselves Crusaders – and Jesus is innocent of these killings, crimes, and aggressions – they killed Muslim children and mutilated their bodies. This is written in some history books. Some of the historians have mentioned this and it is well documented. Atrocities…

We didn't do this. In our history there are no genocidal wars. We did not annihilate 150-160 million Indians. We did not kill 100 million Negroes (sic.), but everybody knows who did. In our history there are no sectarian-religious wars like the ones in Europe that lasted 450 years, between the Catholics and the Protestant. Later, this religious war moved to the US and was fought for 250 years until matters were settled. In our history there are no courts of the Inquisition. Jews and Christians used to live among us, as merchants, laborers, writers, interpreters, and officials in the king's court.

Today, the best channel for Jihad is the Internet, TV channels, and the media. The information revolution renders us a great service. Why don't we spread our glorious culture and history, our values, our Islam, and our great legislation, our economy, thought, culture, society, superior humanism, which has been proved by history? Why are we remiss, and we sin to Allah by not taking advantage of all these facts of globalization.

Interviewer: Is this field completely open to us?

Sheik Hussam Al-Din Al-Farfour: Of course, of course. On Judgment Day we will face Allah's reckoning.

Interviewer: We pray to Allah…

Sheik Hussam Al-Din Al-Farfour: Today, our Jihad is in spreading the message, through philosophy, through the pen, and through culture. The world is ready to receive the message, regardless of Israel and the pro-Zionists. Falsehood must eliminated, but the world yearns for the truth. It yearns for Islamic values and morals, the absolute moral, on which Man's happiness depends.

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