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Sep 20, 2012
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Swedish-Algerian Journalist Yahya Abu Zakariya Promotes the Cause of Holocaust Denial

#3586 | 04:00
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from a TV show hosted by Swedish-Algerian journalist Yahya Abu Zakariya, which aired on Mayadeen TV on September 20, 2012.

Yahya Abu Zakariya: As you know, Washington has legislated a law against anti-Semitism. This is the law, taken from the U.S. State Department. According to this law, as well as several similar laws in Europe, any talk about the Holocaust is completely banned.

I have met many of the European thinkers who were imprisoned because of the Holocaust. I will begin with the German Germar Rudolf, a doctor of chemistry who was summoned to a German court to give testimony with regard to the Holocaust. Rudolf told me that the gas which the Zionists claim was used by Hitler was Gas BB. This gas, when fused with stone, leaves traces for over 100 years. He said that he went to Auschwitz and analyzed the stone there, but didn’t find any trace of the gas, and that therefore, the gas alleged to have been used by Hitler was not there.

He is still in prison to this day, and the German people have put up this sign: “Free for Feldman” [sic]. Our friend Rudolf, the German, remains in prison because of the Holocaust. He authored a wonderful book about Auschwitz, in which he wrote that the claim made by the Jews that Hitler used gas is false.

Our second friend is Robert Faurisson, may Allah restore his health. This is a picture of Robert Faurisson. When he wrote his famous book Écrits révisionnistes, the Jews beat him brutally and made him bleed. Absolutely nothing was done to them.

When Jürgen Graf wrote L'Holocauste au Scanner – this is the title of his book – he was sentenced in Switzerland to three years in prison. He sought political asylum in Moscow. When he went to Moscow and tried to renew his Swiss passport, he was not granted it.

Here's a picture of the late Roger Garaudy in court, holding his book, Zionist Myths, which has been translated into Arabic. Of course, this is a very important book that deals with the myth of the Holocaust, if I may use that expression.

Faurisson did not say anything major. He said: "I have seen the Auschwitz detention centers, and they were not big enough to hold six million prisoners." He said that Hitler indeed killed Jews, but killed only 150,000, and that the claim that Auschwitz held six million is not true.

Here is David Irving in prison. The British David Irving was arrested by Austrian security. Here he is, with his well-known book.

Here is Robert Faurrison – in court, despite his old age.

Here is my friend, Ahmad Rami, whom I visited after his release from a Swedish prison, where he was imprisoned because of "Radio Islam," which used to broadcast from Stockholm. He was arrested because he talked about Sharon, that slaughtering butcher, and he was later released.


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