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Apr 15, 2022
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Sunni Mufti Of Mt. Lebanon Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Jozo: Sunnis Must Unite against Iran, Which Is A Threat To All Arabs; It Brought Russia To Syria, America To Iraq

#9506 | 02:01
Source: Sky News Arabia (UAE)

Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Jozo, the Sunni Mufti of Mount Lebanon, said in an April 15, 2022 interview on Sky News Arabia (UAE) that a conference of Sunni leaders should be convened in Saudi Arabia in order to mend intra-Sunni relations in light of the threat that Iran poses. He emphasized that Iranian culture is hostile to the entire Arab nation, and that circumstances are forcing Sunnis to unite and cooperate despite "problems and plots" by Sunnis in Lebanon. In addition, he said that Iran brought Russia to Syria and America to Iraq.

Muhammad Ali Al-Jozo: "I have suggested to convene a meeting of the Sunni leaders of Lebanon in Saudi Arabia, in order to mend relations among them and make a plan for recovery. This is what I hope for because we are facing danger. If things remain as they are, Iran will have a great victory over us. The Iranian culture is a hostile culture, not just against us, but against the entire Arab nation. Obviously, I am not happy with many of the political positions in Lebanon, and especially those of the Sunnis. Unfortunately, there were problems and plots by some in the Sunni community. Saad Hariri was attacked by people in the Sunni community. But we should not hold anyone accountable for this right now. There are circumstances that force us to cooperate and unite.


"Iran is working to destroy the Arab nation, unfortunately. What happened in Syria is the greatest crime in history. Why is there such aggression against the Syrian people? Is it not in order for Iran to control...? Who brought Russia to Syria? Wasn't it Iran? Iran brought America to Iraq and Russia to Syria. Unfortunately, the conspiracy is big."

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