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Apr 19, 2019
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Sudanese Clerics Appeal to Military Council to Instate Islamic Law: A Caliphate Should Be Established; Sudan Belongs to the Muslims, "Communist Infidels" Cannot Bring About Reform

#7193 | 05:32
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)Tayba TV (Sudan)

This clip is a compilation of Sudanese clerics calling on the Transitional Military Council to instate shari'a law in Sudan. Sheikh Nasser Ridha of the Sudanese chapter of Hizb-ut-Tahrir said on Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) on April 21, 2019 that the current issue is to establish an Islamic caliphate and to not hand Sudan over to a secular government. He said that it is the Sudan's duty to pledge allegiance to an imam who will instate shari'a law. On April 19, 2019, Dr. Abd Hay Yousif, the Dean of Islamic Studies at the International University of Africa, said on Tayba TV (Sudan) that the religion of Allah is where the line is drawn, and he warned the Military Council to not harm or "transgress upon" Islam or the shari'a. He called on the Muslims of Sudan to take to the streets to "refute the lie" of the secular people, who he said are trying to impose a "twisted vision" on the people and who he said want alcohol, prostitution, and the cursing of Islam to be permitted. On April 20, 2019, Sheikh Muhammad Mustafa Abdel Qader said in a YouTube video that has almost 100,000 views that any political system other than Islam is unacceptable and that Sudan belongs to the Muslims. He spat several times at the "filthy" secular "communists," "infidels," and "apostates" who he said want to see Sudan engulfed in bloodshed, strife, corruption, and fornication.

Following are excerpts:


Sheikh Nasser Ridha on April 21, 2019: This is not about whether Sudan is ruled by a military council or by a civilian government. The issue is whether or not we will worship Allah and make people worship Allah by instating His law.




The issue is to establish a caliphate in the way of the prophets. Do not hand the rule over to a secular government. I'm telling you. You should let the nation pledge allegiance to an imam who will instate the shari'a. This is [your] duty and obligation.




Dr. Abd Hay Yousif on April 19, 2019: I say to the head of the Military Council, his deputy, and the Council's members, who have become rulers of this land: Beware [not to harm] the religion of Allah. The religion of Allah is where we draw the line. The shari'a is the most noble of goals. We will not allow it to be harmed or transgressed upon. Beware. Do not listen to those vile voices.




Islam is our religion. It is the religion of the Muslims in this land. It is not the religion of President [Al-Bashir], who is now gone. It is not the private religion of the ousted government, or of a political party that is no more. Islam is the religion of Allah, and blood is shed for its sake.




We who preach for the religion of Allah call upon the Muslims of this land. We shall take to the streets and gather in the public squares, in order to refute the life of the [secular] people who claim to be representing this people and expressing its desires. By God, no. The people do not want their religion to be excluded. The people do not want their identity to be erased. The people do not want to "exchange what is better for what is less." Dark, dark, dark faces are on the rise these days. They are trying to impose their blind, lame, and twisted vision upon the people. They long for the days when alcohol was common, when prostitution was allowed, and when curses against Islam would be heard without being condemned. We say: By Allah, this will not be! By Allah, this will not be! By Allah, this will not be! These people have sacrificed thousands of martyrs… There is scarcely a home without martyrs. The people will not agree to give up the shari'a. I say to the rulers: You do not have the right to make changes. You said that your transitionary period will last for two years, so arrange everything and organize elections, and then this Muslim nation will make the decisions.




Sheikh Muhammad Mustafa Abdel Qader on April 20, 2019: What happened was destined by Allah, contrary to what is being alleged by these know-all secularists, with their distorted political parties. [They say]: "We did this… If not for us, this would not have happened…"




Any political system other than Islam is unacceptable to us. I am not kidding. The know-alls who are sitting there… It is all written in the newspaper… They are talking about what is good for the country and how it can be achieved… For us, there is nothing good other than Islam. You can rest assured that no communist would fix this country. If a communist rises to power, we'll end up longing for the days of the Islamists. If someone filthy like that comes… If someone filthy says he wants arak to be sold by girls who sell tea… Last night, I heard a segment suggesting that weed should replace tea… May Allah curse you, you filthy infidels, you apostates! For us, only a Muslim – not a communist – can be a reformer.




These [protesters] act as if they are the government, and there are photos of them smoking weed… They drink tea and sing songs like… You polytheists! You apostates! Communist male and female singers… A bunch of lowlifes committing all types of corruption! How can they make reforms? The country should be handed to those know-alls?




These communists are planning a very big plan. They want to see the country engulfed in bloodshed and strife. These know-alls want the whole country to be full of corruption and fornication… You will not succeed, you filthy people! The country belongs to the Muslims. This country belongs to the Muslims, you filthy communists! The Muslims may have disagreements, but the basis is Islam. You filthy communists! You apostates! You infidels!

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