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Feb 14, 2023
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West Bank Kindergarten Posts TikTok Videos Showing Children Simulating Clashes With Israeli Military, Killing Soldiers, 'Martyr' Funeral

#10120 | 01:16
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Tofula KG on TikTok"

Al-Tofula Kindergarten in Beit Awwa in the West Bank posted several videos to its TIkTok account on February 14, 2023 showcasing the students simulating clashes with the Israel military forces and mimicking Palestinian militants. In one video, kindergarten students act out a scene in which Israeli soldiers attempt to arrest Palestinian militants in their home, however, their attempts are foiled, and two soldiers are killed, one of the Palestinian militants is shot dead in the clashes. The students then perform a funeral procession for the child simulating the “martyr.” In another video, students, with their faces covered in kufiyas, are seen simulating military training with toy guns and marching with guns in the air. According to the inscription on one of the videos, TikTok has removed the videos several times.

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