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Nov 25, 2014
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Students at Islamabad's Jamia Hafsa Call to Support ISIS, Avenge the Death of Bin Laden

#4642 | 02:12
Source: Online Platforms

In a video-clip posted on the Internet on November 26, students at the Jamia Hafsa women's seminary in Islamabad, Pakistan, conveyed a message congratulating Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi on the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate and calling upon the mujahideen to avenge the death of Sheik Osama Bin Laden.


Following are excerpts:



Female students, wearing a black niqab covering their faces and bodies, address the camera, against the background of a large ISIS flag



Student: We thank Allah for bestowing upon us the good tidings of ISIS. We praise Allah, who granted us the Emir of the believers, Mullah Muhammad Omar, and the Caliph of the Muslims, Sheik Abu Bakr Al-Husseini Al-Quraishi Al-Baghdadi.



This is a message from the students of Jamia Hafsa, addressed, first of all, to our brothers the mujahideen in the Islamic State, and to all mujahideen in general:






Oh brothers, you have protected our honor, and we pray for you every night here, in the land of Pakistan. Some people speak ill of you, and contribute to the power of America and its allies. Do not be sad about this. On the contrary, revel in this, because Allah has distinguished between the believers and the hypocrites.






Oh brothers, we implore you to "strike them upon their necks, and strike from them every fingertip," so that the infidels will not be able to even look at the land of the Muslims. Cut off the hands that they extend toward our modest sisters, and tear apart the bodies of those who want to instate the law of Satan in the land of Allah.






You must avenge the death of Sheik Osama Bin Laden and the others. Do not stop now. Take revenge for the students of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid.






May Allah annihilate America and those who help it. Finally, we congratulate Sheik Abu Bakr Al-Husseini Al-Quraishi Al-Baghdadi, and the mujahideen in the Islamic State, on the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate in most areas of Iraq and Syria. We implore all our mujahideen brothers to unite ranks. Do not heed the propaganda of the infidels and the hypocrites. Oh Allah, instate the Islamic caliphate regime in Pakistan and everywhere.





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