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Oct 23, 2023
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South African Politician Julius Malema: Hamas Did Nothing Wrong; When Under Occupation, You Shoot To Kill, That's What Nelson Mandela Did; When We Take Over, We Will Arm Hamas, Remove Israeli Embassy

#10802 | 02:41
Source: SABC News (South Africa)

South African politician Julius Malema, the president of the Economic Freedom Fighters party, said in a speech delivered at an October 23, 2023 protest outside the Israeli embassy in Pretoria and aired on SABC News (South Africa) that there is nothing wrong with what Hamas did. He said that there is no difference between Nelson Mandela and other anti-Apartheid activists and Hamas, as they all took up guns to fight for their people. Malema said that when people are oppressed, they must stand up for their freedom, and "shoot to kill," not kiss their enemy. He vowed that when his party takes power, it will arm Hamas and remove the Israeli embassy from South Africa. In 2012 Julius Malema was convicted of hate speech for singing Shoot the Boer.

Julius Malema: "There is nothing wrong with what Hamas did.


"When you are oppressed, the only option you have is to fight, and that is what Hamas is doing. They are fighting for their freedom. Mandela did the same thing, [he] took up the guns, and fought for the freedom of the people of South Africa. When you are oppressed, you only have one option. Confront the enemy and shoot to kill, do not kiss the enemy. Why do you want to kiss the enemy? People came and took the land of the Palestinians. Every year, they extend their occupation. When you look at the map of Palestine, there is nothing left of the land in Palestine. The people of Palestine have got nothing to lose but their chains. They must stand up and fight for their freedom, and condemning Hamas is an act of cowardice.

"I heard some fools saying we can't compare Hamas with Mandela – they are the same! This president of ARETA [political party] carried guns, he was shooting to kill to liberate you, he was doing exactly what Hamas is doing. O.R. Tambo did the same thing. Chris Hani did the same thing. Winnie Mandela did the same thing. Steve Biko did the same thing. There is nothing wrong with what Hamas is doing.


"The EFF – when it takes over next year – is going to arm Hamas and make sure Hamas has got the necessary equipment to fight for their freedom.


"Comrades, we are not only going to arm Hamas, we are going to remove this [Israeli] embassy, because we can't stay with murderers in the same area, and breathe the same air with people who kill innocent people."

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