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Dec 08, 2019
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Iraqi Shiite Militia Leader Qais Khazali Threatens to Respond to Sanctions Imposed on Him by the U.S. with Measures against U.S. Economic Interests in Iraq

#7644 | 01:48
Source: Al-Ahd TV (Iraq)

In a speech aired by Al-'Ahd TV [Iraq] on December 8, 2019, Qais Khazali, leader of the Asai'b Ahl Al-Haq Iraqi Shiite Militia said that the U.S. has leveled sanctions on him because he has exposed the "conspirative role" the U.S. has played in recent Iraqi protests, including a joint command center for the CIA and Mossad in Iraq. He said that his response to these sanctions will be to continue to oppose the "U.S. enterprise" and to expose the "subversive American role in Iraq." Khazali pledged that when their "economic" interests are harmed, the militias may "take measures" against U.S. economic interests in Iraq.

Following are excerpts:


Qais Khazali: The reason for the U.S. sanctions [on me] in this specific timing is that I exposed the conspirative role the U.S. has played in the current protests. The reason for the sanctions is that I exposed the existence of a joint command center the CIA and the Mossad at Baghdad Airport.




My response to the U.S. sanctions is that I will continue to oppose the U.S. enterprise and will become more determined. I will continue to expose the subversive American role in Iraq. I will stand against it and prevent it. Furthermore, we may reach the point of reciprocity. When they harm our 'economic' interests, we may take measures against the American economic interests in Iraq. We are the 'brothers of Zainab.' [Asai'b Ahl Al-Haq].

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