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Mar 13, 2018
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Shiite Lebanese Scholar Muhammad Ali Al-Husseini Calls to Revoke Nasrallah's Citizenship

#6476 | 01:56
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

On March 13, Shiite Lebanese cleric Muhammad Ali Al-Husseini called upon the State of Lebanon to revoke the citizenship of Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, saying that the latter's "slips of the tongue," when he reportedly said that the Rule of the Jurisprudent was above the Lebanese constitution, constituted "clear collaboration of a Lebanese with a foreign country." The report, broadcast by the Iranian Farda News website earlier that day and sparking heated debate in Lebanon, was denied by Hizbullah's media office. Sheikh Al-Husseini, who heads the Arab Islamic Council in Lebanon and is known for his opposition to Hizbullah, accused Iran of founding Hizbullah as a movement of "guns for hire," thus putting the entire Shiite sect in danger. Sheikh Al-Husseini's statements were broadcast by the Al-Arabiya network.


Following is a transcript:

Muhammad Ali Al-Husseini: What is happening today in our nation – and I have said this in over a thousand interviews and statements – is that Persian Iran is genuinely endeavoring to shatter our Arab nation to smithereens. Iran wants to divide and infiltrate our nation. Iran is lying in wait for our nation. What the Iranian regime conceals with its [methods] of political dissimulation has been exposed today by Nasrallah through his slips of the tongue. These declarations have harmed the Lebanese state, constitution, and law. This is clear collaboration of a Lebanese with a foreign country. Therefore, just like the proper action taken by Bahrain, when it revoked the citizenship of Iran’s collaborators, who were involved in tarnishing the image of Bahrain, I call upon the State of Lebanon to revoke citizenship of Hassan Nasrallah.


We started to have a problem in Lebanon when Iran founded Hizbullah, making it and its members guns for hire, fighting here and there in Lebanon, making threats against the UAE, Kuwait, and Yemen, and striking in Saudi Arabia, and so on. Indeed, the Shiite sect is in danger today because of what Iran is doing, and because of Nasrallah’s followers.


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