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Aug 01, 2019
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Shiite Iraqi Political Commentator and Guru of the Occult Abu Ali Al-Shibani: All Muslim Brotherhood Members Are Unknowingly Jewish; Founders of Wahhabism, Muslim Brotherhood Had Been Educated by Jews

#7418 | 02:08
Source: The Internet - "Al-Shibani on YouTube"

Shiite Iraqi political commentator and guru of the occult Abu Ali Al-Shibani criticized former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, whom he accused of saying that the Shiites are Egypt's sworn enemies. Al-Shibani further criticized the Saud clan, Muhammad Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab, and Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Al-Banna, claiming that Al-Banna had been educated by the Jews and that Al-Wahhab had been secretly Jewish. He added that the Shiites are "coming for" the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudis. In addition, Al-Shibani said that the Jews are behind hatred of Shiites and that all Muslim Brotherhood members "unknowingly" follow Judaism just like the Iraqis unknowingly followed Christianity through the Baath Party. The interview was uploaded to Al-Shibani's YouTube channel on July 30, 2019. Al-Shibani is popular on social media and has hundreds of thousands of followers on several different platforms. For more from Al-Shibani, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 4862.


Abu Ali Al-Shibani: What did Mahmoud [sic] Morsi, may Allah curse him, say? [He said:] "The Shiites are our sworn enemies more than the Jews are." What did the Shiites do? Why all this hatred? Could you imagine our Shiites writing a book that exposes that accursed foundling, Hassan Al-Banna? They are still lauding him. Don't they know the truth about Al-Banna?




We say to Al-Banna, to the Saud clan, and to all the other foundlings that no one will vanquish us because we are supported by the Holy Spirit. We are coming for you and no one can stop us, including America, Britain, and all their lackeys. We are coming for you to restore rights to the [people]. Nothing will stop us until we die in pursuit of this cause. Gather all you have. By Allah, your house is weaker than a spider's web. So I say to everybody:  Whoever wants to be more honorable should become a Shiite.

Interviewer: Dr. Al-Shibani, who is behind all that hatred of the Shiites?

Abu Ali Al-Shibani: The Jews! The Jews!




Hassan Al-Banna was educated by the Jews. Muhammad Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab was educated by the Jews! In one of the Jews' books, it is said that he was a Jew. All the Muslim Brotherhood members unknowingly follow Judaism, just like the Iraqis followed Christianity through the Baath Party.

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