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Mar 31, 2015
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Shiite Iraqi Guru of the Occult Al-Shibiani Slams Saudis: I Can See Hyenas Feeding on Their Corpses

#4862 | 02:23
Source: Iraq Future TV (Iraq)

Abu Ali Al-Shibiani is a popular Shiite Iraqi healer and expert on the occult who interlaces his advice on medical herbs and prophecies of imminent catastrophes with extensive political analysis. Al-Shibiani has a daily show on Iraq Future TV, where he is presented as "a certified international expert on herbal and alternative medicine." The episodes of his show are also posted on his YouTube channel. On his March 31, 2015 show, while advising callers on the benefits of dill and the best way to treat phlegm, Al-Shibiani plunged into an anti-Sunni diatribe against the backdrop of the Saudi-led "Operation Decisive Storm." He added that the Jews are directing Arab leaders.

Following are excerpts:

Abu Al-Shibani: Oh [Sunnis], sons of freed slaves and whores! Oh people of shamelessness and depravation! Once again, you have gathered to kill the Prohet Muhammad and Hussein. It is preposterous to think that we will be killed this time, in Yemen. It is preposterous to think that we will be killed this time, in Lebanon, Iran, or Iraq. It is absolutely preposterous. Our long arm will reach your capital cities, destroy the pillars of your whoredom, and disperse you to all corners of the Earth. I envision you wandering in the desert, and your oil flowing in the valleys as a result of our bombings. This oil will burn down your homes. You will be plundered. Crows will feed on your corpses. Even the hyenas will eat their fill, and then they will praise Allah for what we have done to you.


Interviewer: The situation in the region is deteriorating day by day. Where is the Middle East headed?

Abu Al-Shibani: To Hell, I hope.


Interviewer: Abu Ali, who controls the map of the world today, telling countries to go to one place or another, or to do this, that, or the other?

Abu Al-Shibani: The Jews.

Interviewer: It is the Jews who are steering…

Abu Al-Shibani: Yes, the Jews! As for the Arabs, they have all become our enemies.


Interviewer: So, Abu Ali, the Jews are running the show. Is the end of the Jews near?

Abu Al-Shibani: Allah willing. But how can it be near? Will Jerusalem be liberated by these sons of freed slaves? Israel joined their attack. It tried its first F-35 plane in Aden.


If Iran does not rain down bolts of lightning upon these sons of freed slaves, worse things will come.

Interviewer: It depends upon the initiative of Iran?

Abu Al-Shibani: Of course. We wish all the best for Iran. We are Iran, and Iran is us. The head can be separated from the corpse only in death. Iran is the head, and we are the corpse.


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