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Jan 03, 2016
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Shiite Indian Cleric Kalbe Jawad: Jewish and Wahhabi Mentality Responsible for Terrorism

#5309 | 03:16
Source: The Internet

Shiite Indian cleric Kalbe Jawad recently criticized Saudi Arabia for its involvement in terrorism, saying that "the Jewish mentality and the Wahhabi mentality are one and the same... There is no difference between the Saudis and the Jews. Their policies are the same." He further said that "the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan... are all involved in terrorism." The interview was posted on the Internet on January 3, 2016.

Kalbe Jawad: "Israeli and American hands are involved in [the execution of Sheikh Al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia] and so are other Arab countries, which have unleashed cruelty on the minorities, and are supporting and backing terrorism. They are all involved in this. They don't want any voices to be raised against terrorism.


"But these Arab countries don't want unity, and do not want to end terrorism. Instead, they are promoting it more and more. They are supporting [the terrorists] and providing them with weapons, because they are slaves of the US and of Israel. The [Arab countries] do whatever the [US and Israel] say, because they do not have their own policies. Their policy is the policy of Israel and of the US. Their policy is for Muslims to kill one another and finish each other off. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and all those countries only follow this one policy. They are slave countries, and they don't have any status, and the Americans and Israelis use them to get anything they want done.


"The joke is that (Saudi Arabia), which sponsors terrorism, has been appointed chair of the UN Human Rights Commission. While terrorism is being carried out by Saudi Arabia throughout the world…The Wahhabism that the [Saudis] are using to spread terrorism worldwide… Whether in India or Pakistan, most terrorism is spread through Wahhabism. According to their mentality, nobody but them has the right to live. Only they can live. This is the path of the Jews. According to their Talmud, none but the Jews have the right to live. The Jewish mentality and the Wahhabi mentality are one and the same. That is why we say that there is no difference between the Saudis and the Jews. Their policies are the same, and they support one another. In fact, the Jews are their patrons.


"The US says that it is bombing the [ISIS] terrorists. This bombing is nothing. In fact, they are supplying weapons [to militant groups] for the sake of attacks. Turkey is buying their oil, and so is the US. The oil that they are stealing from Iraq is being purchased by Turkey, Jordan, the US, and all other countries.


"The US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan are fully responsible for all the bloodshed. They are all involved in terrorism.


"The seed is supplied by Saudi Arabia, fertilizer is supplied by Israel, the US sends irrigation materials, and Pakistan cultivates the land. They should all be condemned. We demand the immediate revocation of [Saudi Arabia's] membership in the UN Human Rights Commission, and the imposition of sanctions [on it]. There are sanctions against Iran, which has been the victim of terrorism for years, but there are no sanctions against Saudi Arabia, which supports terrorism."