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May 30, 2004
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Sheikh Ahmad Qubeisi Supports Suicide Bombings and Criticizes Arab Leadership

#95 | 02:34
Source: Dubai

On his weekly religious-ruling program on Dubai TV, Sunni Iraqi cleric Sheikh Ahmad Qubaysi discussed suicide bombings and criticized the Arab leadership for not relying on Islam in the liberation of Palestine. Following are excerpts from his comments:

Sheikh Al-Qubeisi: Any Arab ruler who tries to please this enemy by keeping silent about its crimes, which the entire world has seen, by obeying it while he curses the Muslims and Islam and the (Islamic) groups, and the clerics, and treats the martyrs with contempt, as well as those who commit martyrdom (i.e. suicide) operations who are, by Allah, the greatest martyrs in Islamic history...

The Prophet said: I will show you who are the most noble among the martyrs. They are Hamza, and a man who came to preach to an oppressing imam, reproaching him, and was killed. All the more so, (someone who killed) a Jew! Why is he under attack? He wraps himself in an explosive belt, and dies for the sake of Allah, and then they say he was a terrorist and condemn him?

By Allah, this Jerusalem, with all its grace, power and holiness is too great to be liberated by those who disgrace their own people's blood, who disgrace such heroism, which is unmatched in all of history. This heroism has caused the enemy to lose sleep, caused it pain and made it think 1,000 times, and that is why this issue is sacred and Allah has chosen for it one (man), and I believe that he will come, and will be one of the Palestinians or their children who will lead this nation and liberate it in a way that is worthy of this glory.

…Palestine can remain (occupied) for 50 or 100 years, it doesn't matter. It has been under the Crusaders' rule for 70 years, so it can remain under Israel for the next 50 years. No problem. It must be liberated by a man who is honorable, deep rooted, well known, God fearing, acting for the sake Allah, who will concede nothing. We concede, concede, and concede until the whole (Palestinian) issue has become limited to the freeing of so and so who is besieged while Palestine itself could go to hell.

In the Jew's heart there is no mercy for the other, and that complies with his religion and faith. We should not blame Sharon; he implements his religion word for word. His forged and distorted religion orders him to kill beasts, women, and children. On the other hand, your religion does not allow you to relinquish a single inch, a single centimeter (of land), but you are not acting according to this. Everyone must stick to their own religion. But if you abandon your religion and he sticks to his, he will undoubtedly overcome you.

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