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Jul 29, 2004
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Sheik Said Al-Zayyati on the Use of Cell Phones in Mosques

#175 | 01:04
Source: Al-Shariqa TV (UAE)

Sheik Said Al-Zayyati who hosts a talk show on Al-Sharija TV spoke about the use of cell phones in mosques. The following are excerpts:

Sheik Al-Zayyati: Some people put a special ring tone on their cell phones for friends, and another for family. But unfortunately in the mosques you find people who put... [Imitation of ring tone - translator] And the Imam is going like this.

My brother, these people, may Allah guide them to the path of righteousness, are destroying our worship, and today in some countries such as Qatar they scramble the cell-phones in all the mosques...

A guest:: As if the worshippers are not sufficiently responsible...

Al-Zayyati: Exactly. They are not sufficiently responsible. You circle the Ka'ba, and the phones do not cease playing Beethoven, Mozart... This immorality has even penetrated mosques, and therefore we are ask all those who use these devices, and bring them into the mosques, to be God-fearing. My brother, why don't you put just? [makes immitation of simple cell phone ring?] and that's it. Why do you need this? [another immitation of ring tone]

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