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Apr 06, 2022
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Shanghai Man Openly Criticizes 'Zero-COVID' Lockdown Policies: I Have No Food, Money Left; You're Driving People To Death, Forcing Them To Revolt!

#9522 | 02:11
Source: Online Platforms - "Chinese journalist Fang Zhouzi on Twitter"

On April 6, 2022, Chinese journalist Fang Zhouzi posted to Twitter a video of a man in Shanghai standing in the street in Shanghai and openly criticizing the municipal government's "Zero-COVID" policy and lockdowns. The man shouted that he is out of food and money, that he cannot make his mortgage payment, and that his elderly grandmother has been under lockdown for months with nobody to care for her. He shouted: "You're driving people to death!... You are forcing people to revolt!... I can't live anymore!... Let the Communist Party take me away!... What about the common people?... Where is the promised lifting [of the lockdowns]?"

Man: "You tell me! The supermarkets were closed. What should I buy? What should I eat? What should I drink? You're driving people to death!

"I live in Putuo District. My ID card is from Xuhui. I'm from Xuhui District. My parents have been under lockdown for two months! How have they managed to survive those two months?! My grandma is an elder living alone. No one is taking care of her! You locked us up. What can she drink?! What can she eat?! You're driving people to death!


"F*ck you!

"You are forcing people to revolt! I can't live anymore! They don't care. They won't survive either. No one can live. Now the government doesn't care at all.

"I only have supplies until April 5. I'm out of money! My store is closed every single day. My employees need to eat! I'm out of money! I have a mortgage to pay! I have a mortgage payment in two days! What am I going to do?

"I don't care anymore. Let the Communist Party take me away! Where is the Communist Party? Where is Communism? F*ckers! What about the common people?

"It's not a matter of whether you notified us or not. The government does not keep its word! Where is the lifting of the lockdown on April 5? The government is f*cking bullsh*tting! Do you understand?! How can the common people live?! Which common folk can live now?! The retirees have retirement pay. Do we have any?!"

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