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Feb 29, 2024
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Senior Officials In The Yemeni-Houthi Judiciary Participate In A Military Exercise Simulating Direct Confrontation With U.S. And Israel, Use Biden Posters As Target Practice

#10921 | 01:23
Source: Al-Masirah TV (Yemen)

Al-Masirah TV [Houthis-Yemen] aired a report about officials within the Houthi judiciary undergoing military training. According to the report, the Houthi Mufti of Yemen, the attorney-general, and the justice minister, along with other judiciary officials participated in a military exercise simulating a "direct confrontation" with America and Israel. Houthi Mufti of Yemen Shams Al-Din Sharaf Al-Din said that Jihad and the culture of martyrdom are the only way to bring honor and glory. Attorney-general Muhammad Al-Dulaimi said that the participants in the military exercise felt "very proud" to learn how to fire weapons.

Reporter: "The head of the Supreme Judicial Council, the Mufti of Yemen, the attorney-general, the head of the Supreme Court, the justice minister, and various members of the judiciary in Yemen took part in a military exercise simulating a direct confrontation with criminal American and Israeli enemy."

Shams Al-Din Sharaf Al-Din: "You will not have honor and glory, and you will not have a place among the nations, unless you raise the banner of Jihad, espouse the culture of martyrdom, and engage in training and preparation."


Reporter: " The officials of the judiciary have not undergone this combat training today in order to restore the people’s personal rights, but in order to restore the rights of the Islamic nation. The scope of work by Yemen’s judges and Islamic scholars has widened. They say: Today, we learn how to use weapons, and tomorrow, there will be successful conquests."

Muhammad Al-Dulaimi: "We felt very proud, even those of us who touched a weapon for the first time. They touched it, shot it, and practiced using it."

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