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Nov 02, 2023
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Senior Hamas Official Ali Baraka On Reports Of Kim Jong Un's Support For Hamas: Unlike Iran, North Korea Is Capable Of Striking The U.S.; One Day, Russia, China, And All America's Enemies May Join The War And Turn The U.S. Into A Thing Of The Past

#10604 | 01:48
Source: Online Platforms - "Spot Shot (Lebanon) on YouTube"

Senior Hamas official Ali Baraka said in an interview posted on Spot Shot (Lebanon) on YouTube on November 2, 2023 that all of Americas enemies are growing closer and the day may come when they join the war and turn America into a thing of the past. He said that the only country that is capable of striking America directly is North Korea, and he stated that the DPKR is part of Hamas's alliance. Baraka continued to say that Iran can only strike "the Zionist entity" or American bases and ships in the region. He continued to share that China and Russia maintain close ties with Hamas.

Ali Baraka: "The United States was established by Britain and global Freemasonry, and it will collapse, like the USSR did. America will not remain powerful."


Interviewer: "The Wall Street Journal wrote that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un asked to support the Palestinian people, and Hamas in particular. Are you taking this seriously?"

Baraka: "Yes. As you know, the leader of North Korea is, perhaps, the only one in the world capable of striking the United States. He is the only one. Iran does not have the capability to strike America. If Iran decides to intervene, it can strike the Zionist entity and the American bases in the region. Let us say things as they are.

"Iran does not have weapons that can reach America, but it can strike Israel and the American bases and ships in the region, if the U.S. clearly expands its intervention. North Korea, however, does have the capability to strike America. The day may come, when North Korea intervenes, because it is, after all, part of [our] alliance.

"Today, all of America's enemies – or all those shown enmity by the U.S. – are growing closer. Today, Russia contacts us on a daily basis. The Chinese sent envoys to Doha, and China and Russia met with the leaders of Hamas. A Hamas delegation traveled to Moscow, and soon, a delegation will travel to Beijing.

"All of America's enemies in the region are consulting and getting closer, and the day may come when they join the way together, and turn America into a thing of the past."

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