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Oct 29, 2021
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Saudi Journalist Abdallah Al-Mazhar: The Promotion Of Homosexuality Is A Moral Crime; It Is Not A Human Rights Issue – It Is An Economic And Political Issue

#9255 | 02:11
Source: Rotana Khalijiya TV (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi journalist Abdallah Al-Mazhar said in an October 29, 2021 interview on Rotana Khalijiya TV (Saudi Arabia) that the promotion of homosexuality is a "moral crime." He explained that the promotion of homosexuality is an economic and political issue and that it may be that homosexuality is being spread in order to create political minorities and markets for products made for homosexuals. He said: "This has nothing to do with freedom and rights." Al-Mazhar also said that this is obviously the result of a global conspiracy.

Abdallah Al-Mazhar: "Firstly, I believe that there is a difference between confusion in sexual identity, homosexuality, and sexual perversion on the one hand, and promoting this issue, on the other hand.

"The former is a disease that must be treated, while I consider promotion [of homosexuality] to be a moral crime.


"This has to do with economic and political issues. Maybe there is an effort to establish minorities all over the world in order to justify support for these minorities, as well as in order to intervene, exert pressure, and extort countries and societies later on. Maybe this is an effort to create a new market for various products for homosexuals. This has nothing to do with freedom and rights at all. Freedom is one thing, and this is something else altogether."


Interviewer: "Is there indeed something that we could call 'a global conspiracy' to bring the collective conscience of societies in the world – with their different cultures, customs, and religions – to accept homosexuality as a reality they must live with?"

Al-Mazhar: " 'The sound of mind do not need proof to see that it is daytime.' This does not need proof. You can see this in everything – children's clothes, toys... I saw a video a few days ago with a player who said that he was homosexual and needed help. Even his mother would not recognize him. Despite this, all the clubs and all the players in the world supported him, because they were afraid that people might say that they do not support [homosexuality], not because they thought that he was right."

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