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Dec 12, 2014
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Saudi Fighter in Syria Glorifies Martyrdom: Even Black Men Get into Paradise

#4686 | 03:32
Source: Online Platforms

In a Friday sermon delivered in Maarat Al-Nu'man, Syria, Saudi fighter Sheik Abdallah bin Muhammad Al-Muhayseni cited several hadiths glorifying martyrdom. Al-Muhayseni said that the Prophet Muhammad had promised a fighter that even though he was black, smelled bad, and had no money, he would go to Paradise if he was martyred.

Following are excerpts from the sermon, which was posted on the Internet on December 12, 2014:

Abdallah bin Muhammad Al-Muhayseni: Last week, one of the heroes of Islam called me to bid farewell. I asked him where he was going, and he said: "To Paradise." He said: "My turn has come to carry out a martyrdom operation. I signed up for a martyrdom operation a year and three months ago, and today, I won. My name came up, so I wanted to say goodbye." I said to him: "By Allah, do not go before I kiss your pure forehead." I went to him, and both of us went down to the battlefield. I saw that he was almost flying in the air out of happiness and desire to meet Allah.


As I was sitting with this martyrdom-seeker and his military commanders, the battle commander turned to my friend and said to him: "We checked how you drive a BMP armored vehicle, and we compared it to the way Abu Hasnaa drives it, and we concluded that Abu Hasnaa drives it better than you. Our apologies, but this operation will be carried out by Abu Hasnaa." This was one of the most terrible things I have ever seen. It was as if an entire river was poured over his head.


A black man came to see the Prophet Muhammad in one of his raids, and asked him: "What will I get if I fight those people with you?" The Prophet Muhammad said to him: "You will go to Paradise." The man said "Oh Prophet of Allah, I am black, I smell bad, and I have no money. If I am killed, will I still go to Paradise?" The Prophet Muhammad said: "Yes. I swear by Allah." Then the man said: "Allah will surely witness what I will do."

One of the Prophet's companions said: "I was watching him during the battle. I saw him slaying infidels again and again, until an arrow pierced his neck and he was martyred. I carried his body to the Prophet Muhammad, and asked him if he remembered this black man. The Prophet said that he did, and that he had seen the man's two wives from among the black-eyed virgins descending from Paradise, wrapping his body in shrouds, and carrying him back with them to Paradise. Now, he is bathing in the rivers of Paradise." What more could one wish for?


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