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May 30, 2018
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Theodor Herzl Depicted as Satan in Egyptian Ramadan TV Show Featuring "People of Evil"

#6630 | 03:18
Source: Tahrir/Ten TV (Egypt)

Theodor Herzl was depicted as Satanic in an episode of an Egyptian daily TV series titled "People of Evil," broadcast on Ten TV during the month of Ramadan. In the May 30 episode, devoted to Herzl, TV host Nashaat Eldeehy recounted the myth that the blue lines on the Israeli flag represent the Nile and the Euphrates and symbolize a Zionist expansionist plot, while a cartoonist depicted Herzl with the red horns of Satan carving up the land of Palestine. The series focuses almost exclusively on Islamic figures, with one episode devoted to David Ben-Gurion and another to the Freemasons.

Nashaat Eldeehy: "Theodor Herzl wrote a book titled The Zionist State – the Zionist state, not the Jewish state. He wrote it in 1895, and it was published in 1896. It served as the cornerstone of the foundation of political Zionism, for the first time in history. This constituted a revolution and a cultural shock. It was a new thing to say: We want to establish a Zionist state.


"While Herzl was lecturing as leader, a beautiful Jewish woman stood up, walked in front of the podium, and asked: 'Mr. Herzl, where is the flag of that state? Where is the flag of the state of Israel?' She was holding a white scarf or a piece of cloth, and she threw it at the podium. Theodor Herzl picked it up, and in a manner that moved the audience, he began to draw the flag of Israel on that cloth. He drew the Star of David, but then the woman asked: 'Where are the Nile and the Euphrates?' So he drew two lines – one at the top and one at the bottom. This happened at the Basel Congress. This account is accurate and not fake.


"In order to widen the buffer between the Muslims in Asia and those in Africa, there had to be an entity in the middle. This entity was the state of Israel. They planned it to be in the Sinai, and then they would enter Palestine.


"People should know that the man who founded and built the Zionist entity said that if Israel ever found stability and prosperity, it would fade away and die. That is why he linked the survival of Israel to keeping its surrounding region ablaze.


"Israel cannot live in an environment of peace. The reason that I am saying this is that Israel's own founder said it."


Artist: "Many people are not aware of this important information. This was clearly a Satanic idea."

Nashaat Eldeehy: "You have drawn Satan."

Artist: "The idea was Satanic. In cartoons, a light bulb represents an idea, and the Satanic part is the partition of Palestine and everything that happened."

Nashaat Eldeehy: "Fantastic!"

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