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Mar 20, 2022
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Russian Political Scientist Sergey Mikheev: We Will Launch A Nuclear Strike On European Territory If A NATO Peacekeeping Contingent Is Formed Or Deployed – Yes, Nuclear War!

#9465 | 01:23
Source: Russia 1

Russian political scientist Sergey Mikheev said in a March 20, 2022 episode of "An Evening with Vladimir Solviev" that was aired on Russia-1 TV, that Russia will launch a nuclear strike in European territory if a NATO peacekeeping contingent is formed or deployed. He emphasized: "This would mean nuclear war. Yes!" He threatened that Warsaw would be instantly destroyed in such a scenario, and he suggested that Germany, Estonia, and the Baltic states may also be targeted.

In addition, Mikheev said that there have been "problems" with the Baltic states on the border with Russia's Kaliningrad province, which is sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland, and that it may be necessary to create a land corridor to connect mainland Russia with Kaliningrad. He said: "Lithuania and Poland are behaving too brazenly. Too brazenly!" He then said that Lithuania and Poland could be "dealt with" much faster than Ukraine. This episode of the show was titled "The Road to a New World Order." For more about the show's host, Vladimir Solviev, see MEMRI TV Clip no. 9433.

Sergey Mikheev: "We need to convey a simple message to Europe: You will receive a nuclear strike in European territory if you form some sort of a NATO peacekeeping contingent, if you decide to deploy this contingent somewhere and so forth... This would mean nuclear war. Yes! Nuclear war."

Vladimir Solviev: "This exact message was conveyed to French journalists..."

Mikheev: [Europe] must understand this. [I say] to the brave Poles: In half a second, there will be nothing left of your Warsaw. And the brave Germans, brave Estonians, brave people of the Balts... By the way, speaking about the Balts, as far as I know, there are big problems at the border in Kaliningrad. Maybe the question of a corridor to Kaliningrad becomes relevant?

"A corridor, a land corridor to Kaliningrad. Why not?"

Solviev: "If this was the case with Transnistria, then also in [Kaliningrad]..."

Mikheev: "It seems to me that the states called Lithuania and Poland are behaving too brazenly. Too brazenly! And they also don't understand that they can actually be dealt with faster than Ukraine. Because the issue of the corridor is a local military operation, it's much easier than everything we are doing in Ukraine."

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