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Jan 24, 2018
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Russian Political Analyst and Economist Mikhail Delyagin: The U.S. Is a Major Terrorist and Should Be Beaten Like a Dog

#6417 | 02:04
Source: Channel 1 (Russia)

Following the Russian-American dispute in the U.N. Security Council regarding the investigation into the chemical attacks in Syria, Russian political analyst and economist Mikhail Delyagin accused the U.S. of responsibility for the attacks, calling it a "major terrorist." Speaking on a Channel 1 Russian TV talk show on January 24, Delyagin continued by saying that the U.S. acts like a dog and should be beaten like a dog.

Mikhail Delyagin: "The U.S. is the only country in the world that officially supported the glorification of Nazism in the U.N Security Council. Well, there's Ukraine too, but it doesn’t count. The only country in the world! The [U.S.] is a major terrorist. Now, with their [UNSC] decision, they are indicating that they are behind the chemical attacks in Syria. If someone doesn’t want to investigate, that means he did it. It's indirect evidence."

Woman: "The main thing during an investigation is not to incriminate yourself..."

Mikhail Delyagin: "Right. If they take this attitude toward us, I have just one question: What are the American diplomats doing in the Russian Federation in addition to issuing visas? Why do we tolerate them? What are they doing here? There are [diplomats] who are useful to us, and their presence in our territory makes sense. We must not repeat our last mistake. They are busy issuing visas and so on. Well done, guys! Keep at it. An ambassador is a symbol of the relations [between two countries]. We have no problem with this. But as for all the rest – go home, guys! If you show that you are a hostile state, not only to us but to common sense – guys, go home.


"If you talk to a dog, and it doesn’t understand. If you feed it, and it still doesn’t understand, you have to beat it."

Man: "Are we feeding this dog?"

Mikhail Delyagin: "Of course! There are 106 billion dollars [of Russian investments] in the U.S. We're just sitting and waiting until they freeze them, like they did to Kazakhstan. They lifted the freeze for Kazakhstan yesterday, but they won't do that for us."

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