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Dec 19, 2016
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Russian Military Expert: Obama Administration Benefits from Murder of Our Ambassador to Turkey

#5801 | 01:11
Source: NTV (Russia)

Col. [ret.] Igor Korotchenko, Editor-in-Chief of Russia's National Security Magazine, said that "the Obama administration benefits from [the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey]," although refraining from leveling a direct accusation against the U.S. He was speaking on the "Meeting Spot" talk show on Russia's NTV channel a day after the assassination.



Igor Korotchenko: Let's be honest about it. In any crime, we should consider who benefits from it. Who benefits from the sabotage of the Russian-Turkish rapprochement, which began after the well-known events [the downing of the Russian jet]? Who benefits from trying to disrupt today's meeting of the foreign ministers of the key countries [Russia, Turkey, and Iran], upon which a resolution to the situation in Syria is dependent?



I am not accusing anyone outright. I do not have any such information. I am just telling you who benefits from it. First of all, the Obama administration benefits from it. Qatar benefits from it, and so do other players. Obviously, it is not a random political assassination, as it has already been recognized as a terror attack. The site [of the assassination] was chosen with precision – it was committed at the exhibition that aimed, among other things, to bring Russia and Turkey closer.




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