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Feb 03, 2023
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Russian Journalist And Sociologist Valery Korovin: We Irrigated All Of Europe With Russian Blood, It Belongs To Us; The West Convinced Ukrainians They Are Not Part Of The Russian Nation

#10113 | 04:27
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Valery Korovin, the deputy head of the International Eurasian Movement, said in a February 3, 2023 show on the Arabic-language Russia Today TV that the Russian people have irrigated Europe with their blood and that it therefore belongs entirely to them. He said that the West unsuccessfully attacks Russia approximately every 100 years, and that despite being victorious every time, the Russians never enslaved, tortured, or disrespected the Europeans. He explained that the current situation in Ukraine is just another Western attempt to attack Russia and that Western ideologues have falsely convinced the Ukrainian people that they are not part of the Russian nation. Later in the interview, Korovin said that the West has rejected God and reduced the value of humans to that of worms. In contrast, he said that Russia has not rejected God, and that the phrase "God is on our side" is the very essence of Russian existence, guaranteeing that Russia will always be triumphant.

Valery Korovin: "The history of our relationship with the West in the last thousand years clearly shows that every 100 years or more, the West fights Russia. Each time, they are met with a severe counterstrike, and they go back to their capital cities to lick their wounds. The Russians were everywhere in Europe. They were twice in Berlin, and once in Paris. They traversed all of Europe and irrigated it with their blood.

"Therefore, everything in it belongs to us. We conquered Europe time and again, but we always respected their identity, their culture, and the European nations' values. Therefore, we did not try to enslave them, to represent them, or to impose our identity and culture upon them. Rather, we politely left it all to the Europeans, and we returned to our homes, hoping that this time — after experiencing another historic European defeat — the Europeans would have learnt their lesson.

"But each time we withdrew from there, they attacked us again. The current situation in Ukraine is simply a repeat of the West's previous attempts to attack Russia, except that this time they are doing it using others. The worst part is that they tore away a part of the Russian nation, because Malorossiya or Little Russia [Ukraine] and the nations that live there constitute a multiethnic region that is a part of Greater Russia. They turned that region against Russia.

"This is where the problem lies — Russians are killing Russians because European ideologues persuaded those people that they are not Russians, but Ukrainians, even though the two are indistinguishable.


"The West has rejected God since the days of Descartes, who removed God from the equation, to today's world, when they reduced the value of the human being to that of a worm, because the West has rejected the spirit and left humans with nothing but body. This strictly-physical human, this wormlike human, is what has become of the Westerners. Russia, on the other hand, has not rejected God, and it sees itself as defending the Kingdom of God, in all its forms — whether by the the USSR enterprise, or by the Russian Empire, the Empire of the Romanovs and the Rurik Dynasty, before the Revolution. 'God is on our side' is not just an epithet, it is the very essence of Russian existence. This is why Russia will not be defeated, and why we are always triumphant."

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