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Jan 14, 2022
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Russian Duma Member Yevgeny Fyodorov Suggests Nuclear Strike On Nevada: The Americans Think Russia Is Bluffing, But Striking U.S. Defense Dept. Facilities With A Ballistic Missile Would Convince Them Otherwise; We Should Threaten American Territory, Not Ukraine

#9329 | 03:17
Source: The Internet - "Nasional'nyy Kurs YouTube channel"

In a January 14, 2022 interview that was streamed live on the Nasional'nyy Kurs YouTube channel, Russian Duma member Yevgeny Alexeyevich Fyodorov said that the U.S. thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin is bluffing when he makes tough statements, and that a "physical demonstration" of Moscow's determination, such as a ballistic missile strike against American defense facilities, would convince the Americans otherwise. Arguing that international law grants Russia the right to target U.S. Defense Department facilities, Fyodorov said that instead of threatening Ukrainian territory, Russia should threaten American territory. He also suggested that COVID-19 is being produced in American government laboratories.

Yevgeny Fyodorov: "[The West] acts based on the assumption that Putin has no trump cards in his hand, because of the oligarchs and so forth, and that's why [Putin] makes tough statements, having no means to realize them.


"So, until there is a physical demonstration of [Moscow's] determination, America will perceive the positions of Russia and [Putin] as a bluff.


"So they need a demonstration. The most convincing demonstration would be the physical destruction of America's Defense Department facilities. I'm talking about such facilities, which international law grants us the right to destroy.

"For instance, these could be the very same laboratories that produce COVID-19, or we could demonstratively strike the test range in Nevada with a ballistic missile. Naturally, there will be no way back after firing such a missile.


That's why [Defense Minister] Shoigu was talking about an information war. However, in this war we shouldn't threaten with strikes or offensives on Ukraine, but with damage to US territory.


"If we create risks for US territory - say, a risk of 10,000 casualties - from a strike of even a weak missile, then the US will perceive this as a threat of 10 million casualties. This is [the Americans'] psychology, how they think about their country.


"There will be no retaliation strike... We've already discussed the Americans' psychology... After all, we aren't proposing to bomb US territory so that there will be dead people.


"Even in a critical case, this would be a strike on Nevada - a ballistic missile strike on a specially-prepared nuclear testing site, where the Americans themselves test these missiles. We will warn [the U.S.] two or three days in advance. Nobody will die.

"This will be purely a demonstration of determination. This demonstration will convey a message saying: 'Guys, you have committed an act violating our security, your tanks are on Soviet territory.


"'We have the right to deploy our troops on your territory.' The rocket that will strike Nevada could even be a rocket without a warhead, or it could be a nuclear explosion, since the testing site in Nevada is a nuclear testing site. [This] is a retaliatory deployment of our troops, or a demonstration of such deployment. This is our legal right to retaliate."

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