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Apr 14, 2018
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Russian Diplomat Konstantin Kosachev following Missile Strikes on Syria: Russia Is Saving the World

#6525 | 01:52
Source: Russia 1

Russian diplomat Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Council of Federation, said that he hoped that the countries allied with the U.S. would be a small minority and that "the majority should be allies with countries such as Russia, because we are the ones who are saving the world." Kosachev was speaking on Russia 1 on April 14.


Konstantin Kosachev: "International law ceases to exist not [merely] when it is violated, but when there are no consequences for its violation. This happened after Kosovo and the former Yugoslavia, it happened after Libya and after Iraq, and it might happen after Syria too. But if it happens after Syria, it will be really bad news. That is why Russia is trying, with all its might, using the truth to restore the situation into legal channels, through an appeal to the United Nations Security Council.




"We must ensure that the Americans and their allies – of which there are many, such as NATO, the EU, and the U.N. members who agreed to sacrifice their sovereignty for U.S. aid or handouts… But eventually, [I hope] that these countries will be a minority, a small minority. Ultimately, the majority should be allies with countries such as Russia, because we are the ones who are saving the world. I’m not exaggerating. We are the ones who are saving the world, who are keeping international law viable as before, so that it does not cease to exist.




"We assert that one institution – the United Nations Security Council – has the exclusive right to be the investigator, the judge, and the prosecutor. I hope that we won’t need executioners."



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