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Dec 16, 2021
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Russian Columnist Viktor Pirozhenko on 2021 Summit for Democracy: U.S. Is Trying to Organize a Front against Russia, China; American Attempts to “Export” Western Democracy Are Just Power Grabs

#9257 | 03:16
Source: Online Platforms - "New China TV"

Former political columnist for the Russian Izvestia newspaper, Viktor Pirozhenko, who serves as an expert at the Intercultural Research Center of Huzhou University in China, said in a December 16, 2021 interview with New China TV/Xinhua (China) that the Summit for Democracy that was recently held by the United States really has nothing to do with democracy. Rather, he said that America is trying to organize a "front" against Russia, China, and other countries that are adopting independent foreign and domestic agendas. Pirozhenko said that the summit was a failure, and he explained that the Western model of democracy does not always work in non-Western countries, as was the case in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said that countries should form and use their own models of democracy, like China and Russia have done, and that America's efforts to "export" Western democracy are just attempts to take control of other countries' political systems. He added that a "multipolar world" is taking shape.

Viktor Pirozhenko: "I think this summit (so-called 'Summit for Democracy) proposed by the United States) has nothing to do with democracy. This was a clear attempt by the United States to organize a front against Russia and China, and other countries that have chosen and are pursuing independent foreign and domestic policies. Judging by the results of this summit, this attempt by the United States was clearly unsuccessful.

"The model of democracy is a method... I want to remind you once again that this is a governance method for involving people in the governance of the country, and like any method, it has its applicability. Where it doesn't work, it should be discarded and other methods should be looked for.

"In the vase majority of non-Western countries, the Western model of democracy doesn't work. And the most striking example is the U.S. attempt to implement democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Therefore, non-Western countries are looking for other models of democracy. For example, the People's Republic of China has successfully found its own model. Russia also has its own model of democracy. Afghanistan is now looking for its own model of democracy. And by the way, these non-Western models of democracy are developing successfully in these countries. Therefore, of course, there is no single model of democracy. Every country should take into account its history and its cultural traditions, find an implement its own model of democracy. Attempts to copy the Western model, and even more so, to implement it by force, will not bring any benefits.

"I think the West understands this very well, and the majority of Western politicians understand that their model of democracy and political governance isn't universal. And therefore, they use the concept of democracy as a pretext for interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, to weaken them and establish control over the political system and the ruling elites of these countries, so as to win competition and gain unilateral geopolitical advantages.

"I think the most important thing is that the West needs to leave other countries alone, to leave the rest of the world alone, not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, and stop trying to export its own model of democracy by force.

"The West needs to understand that a multipolar world is shaping. And the West must understand there is only one universal rule – that each country should go its own way, look for better suited models of politics and state governance, namely its own model of democracy. There is no other way."

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