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Dec 02, 2015
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Russia Today TV 10th Anniversary Clip: In 2035, Obama, Kerry Forgotten Old Timers, Snowden President

#5208 | 01:36
Source: Online PlatformsRussia Today TV (Russia)

In a video released by Russia Today TV to mark the channel's 10th anniversary, Obama and Kerry are shown in 2035, lamenting the "new era of transparency," under US President Edward Snowden. "No one is afraid of us anymore," says Kerry. The video ends with the message: "RT. By this time, we'll be 30 years on air."

Following is a transcript:

Title: "Year 2035"

"Elderly" Barack Obama: Look who it is. So, what's new?

"Elderly" John Kerry: Got my new teeth.

"Elderly" Barack Obama: In the world, John.

"Elderly" John Kerry: Oh, apart from the fact that no one is afraid of us anymore, there is nothing new, sir. But can two old friends have a drink at least?

"Elderly" Barack Obama: Yes, yes we can!

Obama enters his house and the TV news is on

Newscaster: We are receiving breaking news from the White House, President Edward Snowden announced a new era of transparency for the NSA…

"Elderly" John Kerry: Damn propaganda bullhorn!

"Elderly" Barack Obama: Damn propaganda bullhorn!

Obama takes two beers from the refrigerator and shuts the door, which reveals a photo of present-day Obama and Kerry

Title: "By This Time We'll Be 30 Years On Air"

Title: "For Now We're 10"

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