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May 09, 2022
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Russian Military Analyst Viktor Litovkin: If The West Declares War On Russia, Sends Forces To Ukraine – This Would Mean All-Out War; Russia's Nukes Are Capable Of Destroying Many Countries

#9555 | 01:52
Source: Sky News Arabia (UAE)

Russian military analyst Viktor Litovkin, who is also head of the military news editorial office for the TASS news agency, said in a May 9, 2022 show on Sky News Arabia (UAE) that if the West declares war on Russia or sends soldiers to fight in Ukraine, it would mean all-out war. He said that sending weapons to Ukraine is one thing, but sending Western armed forces to Ukraine would be a different matter altogether. Litovkin added: "Russia has nuclear weapons that can destroy many European and non-European countries."

Interviewer: "In his speech, Mr. Putin said that we must make every effort to avert the danger of the outbreak of an all-out war. In your opinion, Mr. Litovkin, what does he mean by 'all-out-war'?"

Viktor Litovkin: "First and foremost, he means NATO's interference in Ukraine's affairs. Supplying Ukraine with arms is one thing, but sending Western armed forces to Ukraine is a different matter altogether. The presence of foreign, Western forces in Ukraine would be something else altogether.

"The West claims that Russia violated some principles, and the West might declare war against Russia. In that case, there will be all-out war. Russia has nuclear weapons that can destroy many European countries and non-European countries."

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