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Nov 22, 2004
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Retired Egyptian General: Arab Rulers Ask the U.S. Permission to Go to the Toilet

#395 | 01:59
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

The following are excerpts from an interview with retired Egyptian General Sallah Al-Din Salim:

Sallah Al-Din Salim: Some Arab governments repeat over and over again that their first priority is the Arab-Israeli conflict. This is deception and ideological terrorism. I know that when these peoples begin to act they are oppressed. But I believe that the developments of recent years, the terrible situation to which the regimes have led the Arab peoples, the calls for reform that reach us from the outside, from hegemonic forces... Some of our leaders go on a pilgrimage to the White House more than they go to Mecca.

If we study the results of the [US] elections we see that 55 million voted for Bush and 50 million voted for Kerry. You could say that for to a little over half the Americans, the deception and intimidation succeeded in encouraging them to vote for Bush. This is one aspect. Secondly, Bush enjoyed strange and surprising support from many. He received support from Russia. He also received support from France, which has always insisted on preserving human rights, and protested the American policy in recent years. Of course he received support from Britain, the biggest political prostitute in our modern world.

[The US] wants a collaborating [Iraqi] government and a collaborating national assembly, which it can later use to control Iraq, and build military bases, in order to distance Iraq from the Arab path and then to use Iraq's land to attack Iran. The stupid Iraqi Defense Minister is threatening Iran publicly.

The current Iraqi government is ridiculous. It is a tool of the occupation, and has no capabilities. Perhaps some of its ministers seek the permission of the American governor before they go to the bathroom.

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