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Jun 13, 2022
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Report On Women's Boxing In Saudi Arabia: Conditions Have Ripened For Saudi Women To Box – Come, Boxing Is for Everyone

#9654 | 02:05
Source: Sky News Arabia (UAE)

On June 13, 2022, Sky News Arabia (UAE) aired a report about women's boxing in Saudi Arabia. The reporter said that boxing has increased in popularity among women since conditions in Saudi Arabia have "ripened" to allow them to participate in it. Iman, the attendee of a boxing class, told the camera that boxing had not been available to women when she was younger and that she had started training when she studied abroad. She explained that when she returned to Saudi Arabia, boxing was available to women, and she added: "Come, this sport is for everyone."

Reporter: "Iman and her friend are preparing for a boxing training session. Iman started training in this sport more than three years ago, when she was studying abroad.

Iman: "There is still an excluding approach that martial arts are for boys, but this is not true — sports are for everyone. Girls and boys, regardless of their goals - be it losing weight, improving heart and lung health, or self-defense — this sport is suitable for all of them.

"I started practicing this sport as a little girl, because I had a passion for it. In the past, it was not available here. Thank God, I traveled as a student abroad, and could learn this sport. When I returned, the Saudi [Boxing] federation started training courses. I trained, and now I want to send a message: come, this sport is for everyone.

Reporter: "The choice of young girls to take up boxing was sometimes difficult and took courage, but they followed their passion to learn this sport and take part in it.


"Today, boxing is considered to be one of the fields of interest for girls in the KSA, after the conditions have ripened for them to practice the sport openly. These girls are becoming professionals in a sport that used to be limited to men for many years. They have the support of their families. This is Ali Al-Sharif, Sky News Arabia, Riyadh."

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