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Jan 09, 2010
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Recorded Message by Hamam Al-Bluwi, Triple Agent Who Killed Eight in Suicide Bombing at CIA Base in Khost, Afghanistan

#2338 | 02:05
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)
Hamam Al-Balawi.doc

The following are excerpts from a video message by triple agent suicide bomber Hamam Al-Bluwi (a.k.a. Abu Dijana), which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on January 9, 2010.

Reporter: Al-Balawi said that he would carry out his operation in defiance of Jordanian intelligence and the CIA. In the film, Al-Balawi is shown firing a gun several days before his attack. Al-Balawi said, in his [recorded] will, which was obtained by Al-Jazeera, that he refused to bargain, and that he was carrying out the operation to avenge the killing of Baitullah Mahsoud, former leader of the Taliban Pakistan movement.

Hamam Al-Balawi: This is a message to the enemies of the nation, from among the Jordanian intelligence and the CIA: someone who emigrates for the sake of Allah does not offer up his religion for bargaining in the market. Someone who wages Jihad for the sake of Allah will never sell out his religion, even if he is offered the sun and the moon.

We will never forget the blood of our Emir, Baitullah Mahsoud. We will continue to avenge his blood in America and elsewhere. This is a pledge taken by all the muhajireen, who were hosted by Baitullah Mahsoud. By Allah, we shall never forget our Emir, Baitullah Mahsoud, who used to kiss the hands of the muhajireen, out of the love he had for them in his heart. We shall never forget our Emir, Baitullah Mahsoud.

We shall never forget that he said that Sheik Osama Bin Laden was not on [Pakistani] soil, but if he were to come, we would protect him. He was true to his word, and he paid the price for these words in his blood. Allah willing, his successor, the Emir of Taliban Pakistan, Hakimullah, will follow the same path, until we are victorious or taste [martyrdom], like Hamza ibn Abd Al-Mutallib.

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