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Dec 10, 2022
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Qatari Sociologist Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari Celebrates Death Of U.S. Journalist Grant Wahl At Qatar World Cup: He Was The King Of The Sissies; I'm Going To Party Tonight Over That Dead Pig's Corpse

#9983 | 01:24
Source: Online Platforms - "Dr. Al-Ansari on YouTube"

On December 10, 2022, Qatari sociologist and online influencer Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari posted to his YouTube channel a video in which he spoke about the death of American sports journalist Grant Wahl, who suddenly died earlier that day while covering the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Al-Ansari referred to Wahl as "filthy," as a "pig," and as the "king of the sissies," and he said that Wahl had been attempting to "promote sodomy" by trying to enter a stadium wearing a rainbow T-shirt. Al-Ansari also said that he is going to have a party "over the corpse of that dead pig." In addition, he said: "May Allah gather him in Hell with the original Sodomites." Within less than 24 hours, the video garnered close to 100,000 views. Dr. Al-Ansari's YouTube account has over 150,000 followers. Click here for more about Dr. Al-Ansari.

Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari: "Dear viewers, I am sending you thousands and thousands of salutations. By the will of Allah, the pig croaked, dropped dead, went belly up, and is dead and buried. May Allah gather him in Hell with the original Sodomites whose land Allah turned upside down.

"I am talking about the American journalist Grant Wahl. That pig, the king of the sissies, showed up in Qatar on the first day, flexing his muscles, wishing to promote the act of sodomy. He tried to enter the stadium, but thanks to Allah, the Qatari security forces hit him on the head with a shoe and told him he cannot enter the stadium wearing that T-shirt.


"With the grace of Allah, the filthy Grant Wahl dropped dead at the stadium. I'm not sure whether he died at the stadium or not. The important thing is that he died during the Argentina-Netherlands match. I am happy! I am gloating!


"Congratulations to you all! By Allah, I'm going to have a party tonight. Tonight, I'm going to party over the corpse of that dead pig."


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