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Oct 31, 2023
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Qatar-Based International Union Of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) Issues Fatwa Obligating Palestinians In West Bank And Within 1948 Borders, Israel's Neighbors, All Arab And Muslim Countries To Intervene Militarily On Behalf Of Gaza

#10599 | 03:22
Source: Online Platforms - "IUMS on YouTube"

The Ijtihad and Fatwa Committee of the International Union of Muslim issued a fatwa, according to which it is obligatory to intervene militarily in order to "save Gaza" in an October 31, 2023 video posted on the IUMSonline YouTube channel. Qatar-based Islamic scholar Ali Qaradaghi, secretary-general of the International Union of Muslim Scholars read a statement, according to which it is the individual duty of the ruling regime and official armies in Muslim countries to intervene on behalf of Gaza, "in accordance with international covenants." He said that it is their individual duty to intervene militarily and to supply military equipment and expertise to the people in Gaza. Qaradaghi continued to say that all the Palestinians, including the Palestinian Authority, the various factions, those in the West Bank, and those within the 1948 borders are obligated to fight. He added that this applies to Israel's neighbors, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, as well as all Arab and Muslim countries.

Ali Qaradaghi, IUMS Secretary-General: "This is a fatwa by the Islamic scholars regarding the duty of the Islamic governments towards the Zionist attack against Gaza. The Ijtihad and Fatwa Committee of the International Union of Muslim Scholars is in a permanent and ongoing meeting to follow up on this brutal aggression by the criminal Zionists against our people in Gaza, in order to proclaim the truth and explain the duty of the Islamic nation towards what is happening to our people in Gaza. On the basis of this legal duty of the Islamic scholars towards the Islamic nation's primary cause – the Palestinian cause – this committee, backed by the International Union of Muslim scholars, its board of trustees and its members issue the following fatwa:

"First, there is an obligation according to the shari'a on the ruling regimes and the official armies to intervene urgently to save Gaza from genocide and total destruction, in full commitment to the duty of supporting Palestine religiously, politically, morally, and legally, in accordance with international covenants the strategic interests of the region and the Islamic nation, and in accordance with their legitimate mandate over the people.

"Second, there is an obligation, according to the shari'a, to intervene militarily and to supply military equipment and expertise, according to the following order: First, the Palestinians, at the level of the Palestinian Authority, and all the factions are required to fight in the West Bank and within the 1948 borders.

"Second, it is the [duty of] the four countries surrounding [Israel] -- beginning with Egypt, and then Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. They must carry out the above mentioned duty.

"Third, it is [the duty of] all Arab and Islamic countries, in coordination with the Palestinians and the four countries surrounding [Israel], within an urgent alliance that would overcome the state of hesitation and weakness that has lasted decades unfortunately, and which led the occupier to continue its unlimited crimes, which have become warning signs of a total holocaust – a holocaust that, unfortunately, became a reality."

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