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Apr 22, 2024
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Chinese Journalist Hu Xijin: U.S. Is Pressuring China To Sanction Russia, But We Will Not Make Concessions When It Comes To Sovereignty In Foreign Trade

#11074 | 02:08
Source: Online Platforms - "Global Times (China) on YouTube"

Prominent Chinese journalist Hu Xijin, formerly the Editor-in-Chief of Global Times (China), said in an April 22, 2024 episode of his show "Hu Says" that was posted on the Global Times YouTube channel that after having "cleared the hurdle" of passing the Ukraine funding bill, the U.S. will now work to pressure China to sanction Russia, on the basis of the assumption that China is selling weapons to Russia. Hu said that this is one of the topics on U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken's agenda for his visit to Beijing, and he said that there is no evidence that China is providing Russia with military assistance, making America's "scrutiny" of China's exports "very unreasonable." He added that China will not make any concessions regarding its sovereignty in foreign trade.

Hu Xijin: "Having cleared the hurdle and passed the Ukraine aid bill, next the US will work on pressuring China.

"It has recently intensively hyped the idea that Russia has bolstered its weapons-producing capacity with China’s help.

"During US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to China this week, it was reported that one of the main topics on his agenda is asking China to join in sanctions against Russia. However, it is China’s right to refuse to sanction Russia and remain neutral in the Russia-Ukraine war. Everything China sells to Russia can be sold to Ukraine and to any country in the world. But China no longer sells the missiles, fighter jets, tanks and even artillery shells to Russia, but all of those can be sold to other countries. What else does the US want from China?

"Ukraine has modified Chinese-produced civilian drones to use them on the battlefield, but that doesn’t mean China supports Ukraine in fighting. The US can’t find any evidence of China’s 'military assistance' to Russia so it is trying to scrutinize the relationship between China’s exports to Russia and Russia’s military production capacity under a magnifying glass, which is very unreasonable.

"But China won’t make concessions because this involves China’s sovereignty in foreign trade."

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