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May 16, 2024
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Prominent Russian Philosopher Aleksandr Dugin Discusses Putin's State Visit To China: Russia And China Are Pillars Of The Multipolar World; We Must Oppose Western Hegemony

#11106 | 03:53
Source: Online Platforms - "Global Times (China)"

Prominent Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin said in an interview with Global Times (China) that was published on May 16, 2024 that Russian President Vladimir Putin's upcoming state visit to China is symbolic because it is his first foreign visit since his re-election and because it reflects Russia's desire to continue the creation of a "multipolar world" in which China and Russia are pillars. He praised China for being an independent civilization, and he said that cooperation between Russia and China will cause other civilizations like India, the Islamic world, Africa, and Latin America to want to join the "multipolar club." He also criticized the West for attempting to maintain its hegemony, and he said that Russia and China must oppose this process as long as the West continues changing the "rules" in accordance with its interests.

Interviewer: "We see that President Vladimir Putin is going to start his state visit to China. Do you want to make a prediction about the outcome of this visit and also the future about the China-Russia relations?"

Aleksandr Dugin: "Hello, welcome to Moscow. I think that in diplomacy there are many things that have symbolic meaning. This time that will be the first foreign visit of Mr. Putin after inauguration and his election. Not always the visit of the head of the state to another head of the state is called state visit. There is something more, there is something behind this will to visit first to Beijing, the will of the creation of a multipolar world."

"China is without any doubt, not just a part of global Western capitalist, liberal, economic and political system. China is already out of this system. China participated it, China is connected with it, but it is totally independent pole, totally a sovereign and civilizational state. So there is no question, no doubt about China representing such sovereign pole and pillar of multipolar world order. The other pillar is Russia without any doubts. Thanks to this communication and cooperation between two poles, two pillars, the other civilization states want to join multipolar club, as India, as Islamic world, as Africa, as Latin America."

"That doesn't mean that we are constructing, we are building alliance against someone. No. If the West accepts multipolarity, he can participate in the construction of this multipolar world in a full right. But if the West will continue to oppose at any price to emergence of this multipolarity, we will be obligated to fight against this, not against the West, but against hegemony and pretention to save, at any price, this falling-apart unipolar world order."

"So, we have seen already many times when the West declares something that is rule or they presume that is some rules, rules-based world order. But when it comes to contradictions with their interests, they simply change that. They have invited China into the full, open global markets. But when China has gained a kind of leadership and they started to impose some protectionist measures against the growth of China. So they are just changing the rules because they are their rules."

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