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Jun 03, 2024
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Lebanese Journalist Tony Abi Najem: Just Like The Shiites Of South Lebanon Threw Rice On The Israeli Forces Who Rid Them Of Fatah, They Will Welcome The Israeli Forces If They Rid Them Of Hizbullah

#11174 | 01:47
Source: LBC (Lebanon)

Lebanese journalist Tony Abi Najem said in a June 3, 2024 show on LBC TV (Lebanon) June 3, 2024 that Israeli forces would be welcomed in Lebanon, if there were an Israeli military operation against Hizbullah. He said that it would be similar to when the Shiites threw rice on the Israeli forces after they got rid of the Fatah presence in in South Lebanon. Abi Najem said that only if Hizbullah's weapons are taken away would it be possible to gauge its levels of support.

Tony Abi Najem: "All the reports are saying that we are sliding, moment by moment, towards a war on a larger scale."

Interviewer: "But who's taking us there? Israel or Hizbullah? Or both?"

Tony Abi Najem: "If Israel's hostile intentions are well known, then who gave it a full license to go to [war] on October 8? On October 7, the Israelis suffered a large-scale operation. The Al-Aqsa Flood. Okay, great. But what is it to us? Why did we invite the Israelis to turn against us as well? Why should we, as Lebanese, pay the price on behalf of Hamas in Gaza? What does this story have to do with us? Why didn't Bashar Al-Assad open the Golan front?


"Lebanon is a very complicated country. Many have tried to rule it, and it has always blown up in their faces. Hizbullah, with all its hubris and arrogance... Trust me, if an Israeli military operation takes place – just like the Shi'ites of south Lebanon threw rice on the Israelis when they got rid of Fatah and the Fatahland of south Lebanon for them, you will see a similar thing.


"In order to know who supports Hizbullah, you need to take away Hizbullah's weapons. Then we will see who still supports Hizbullah. In order to know who supports Hizbullah, you have to turn off the faucet, you have to enforce the law on everybody."

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