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Dec 14, 2004
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Political Analyst Michael Awadh: The US and Israel Have Turned "Carrot and Stick" to "Carrot and Impaling Rod"

#432 | 01:37
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

The following are excerpts from an interview with political analyst Mchael Awadh:

Michael Awdh: The earthquake which the Zionist entity is undergoing came after the experience of the so-called Oslo settelements, whose catastrophic results were felt by the people in various ways. The strongest support for the embargo (on Israel) exists in Egypt, because the regime of Sadat, who went (to Jerusalem) and promote prostitution, was tempted to lose his virginity, and later became a pimp dragging all his brothers and sisters into the whorehouse, one way or another.

A few regimes, for their own reasons and because of their connections and collaboration with the West, have tried to claim that peace is the only way, that we have no choice but to make concessions, and that through these concessions, the lands will be returned, honor will be maintained, there will be development, democracy, we will eradicate backwardness – all the slogans raised by King Hassan II, by Sadat when he went (to Jerusalem), and by many of the intellectuals who spread that atmosphere.

What has happened today, 30 years after these accords? What has happened is that because of all their concessions, and because they surrendered and disrobed in striptease shows - the Americans and Israelis have turned the "carrot and stick" into a new method: "the carrot and the impaling rod." Whenever there is a chance for a settlement, the carrot is removed, and whenever they stop chasing those illusions and carrots, they are impaled upon the rod, and this is what we are seeing today.

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